Remote(ly) Engaged: How to Communicate, Train & Lead

Remote(ly) Engaged: How to Communicate, Train & Lead
Wednesday, 27 May, 2020 - 10:30 to 11:00

Nearly all industries have been impacted by recent events but there is certainly a common theme across the board which focuses on the challenges around engaging your workforce when working remotely.

Should we be completely re-defining the way teams communicate and work or should be simply trying to adapt to thrive?

As an organisation, how can you continue to lead the way and ensure training is still delivered to the highest level and your communications are clear and on point?

James Ballard, Co-Founder of The BTN, will be joined by Eske Gunge, CEO of Actimo, an employee experience platform for non-desk workers that helps companies worldwide engage with their employees, tracks performance and improves productivity. This interactive webinar will be a Q&A focused session which will bring to light some of the challenges that having a fully remote workforce brings.

Discover new and effective ways to communicate, train and lead your workforce and empower your employees to grow into the next generation of your workforce

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