Remote(ly) Engaged: How to Communicate, Train & Lead Webinar with Actimo

Remote(ly) Engaged: How to Communicate, Train & Lead

We recently hosted a webinar in partnership with Actimo on 'Remote(ly) Engaged: How to Communicate, Train & Lead' which focused on the best ways to communicate, lead and train your people during the current climate, whilst also keeping their culture.

The conversation between James Ballard (Co-Founder of The BTN) and Eske Gunge (CEO of Actimo) explained the benefits of remote working and the difference in culture and the nature of working between the office and home working. The conversation also considered how the nature of working in the future may change as a result of COVID-19, emphasising the increased focus on flexible, remote working and how organisations can manage that, whilst looking at how communication within organisations may need to change to accommodate the future.

You can now watch the full webinar with us.


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