Zero-Trust Security: Trust Nothing, Authenticate and Authorise Everything

Zero-Trust Security: Trust Nothing, Authenticate and Authorise Everything
Thursday, 22 April, 2021 - 16:00 to 17:30

The BTN is delighted to partner with HashiCorp, leader in infrastructure automation for multi-cloud environments, for this attendee-led virtual roundtable discussion, focusing on Zero-Trust Security. 


Part of migration to the cloud and modernisation, teams and organisations are rethinking how to secure their applications and infrastructure. Security in the cloud is being recast from static and IP-based – defined by a perimeter – to dynamic and identity-based – with no clear perimeter. This concept is known as Zero-Trust Security.

Zero-Trust can be thought of as an approach or strategy for eliminating trust around and within networks and demanding the users, services and applications adequately authenticate themselves, then granting access using a 'least privilege principle'.

In this interactive roundtable, HashiCorp's Field CTO, Guy Sayar, will discuss the impact of implementing 'Zero-Trust' across an organisation's culture, security practices and tooling.


Throughout the event, the discussion points will be the following:

  •  What is Zero-Trust and why it is becoming important?

  • Maintaining security in a multi-cloud environment and at different levels of the stack

  • The four pillars of Zero-Trust: Machine authentication and authorisation, Machine-to-machine access, Human authentication and authorisation, and Human-to-machine access

  • How has the Coronavirus pandemic impacted IT security?


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We will be running from 4pm - 5pm (CET) with 30 extra minutes for a Q&A session.