Turning Agility into Value: The Role of HR Transformation

Turning Agility into Value: The Role of HR Transformation
Wednesday, 21 October, 2020 - 16:00 to 17:30

The future of work has been discussed for years but in a short period of forced mindset change, the future of work is now here. We are now more remote than we have ever been on a global basis and the role of agile has never been deemed as a more pivotal part of the HR function.

The BTN is delighted to have partnered with PeopleDoc for this exclusive virtual roundtable, which will look at how we can as HR leaders, turn agility into value.

HR Transformation is obviously not the same project or programme for all and the transformation is not necessarily an easy fit solution but a key factor to a successful transformation is to be able to understand what stage you are at throughout the transformation itself. What are the drivers for more agility in HR? How can HR operating models play a crucial role in turning agility into true business value? How can HR be in control of their own agility?

This session will be for senior HR leaders and will be an interactive session which allows all involved to engage, network and encourages learning.

The session will be hosted by Perry Timms (Founder & Chief Energy Officer at People & Transformational HR) who will lead the conversation and facilitate the interactive session following the below agenda points:

  • How can we understand what stage of transformation we are in at the moment? Are we planning, doing or done?
  • What is true value within HR? How have our drivers evolved?
  • Why more than ever do we need to build agility and resilience into HR Service Delivery?


The session will run from 4pm - 5pm BST with an extra 30 minutes set aside for further interaction if desired. Simply register your details below and someone from the BTN will be in touch.