What Employees Want: The Great Reimagine

What Employees Want: The Great Reimagine
Wednesday, 28 September, 2022 - 15:30 to 17:00

Becoming a great place to work is the aim but how do we get there and what does that really mean for the employee of today?

A consistent employee experience is one that all employers are now aspiring to as employees are given the choice between home and/or office working. All employees are different, which lends to the importance of embedded a culture of hyper personalisation to facilitate heightened engagement and bring continuous improvement to the employee experience. 

We are delighted to partner with UKG, an HR workforce management solutions provider, for the latest virtual VIP roundtable.

The conversation will be led by Ben Gautrey (Managing Director at Great Places to Work) and will follow the below agenda points:

  • How do you create a great place to work for all and ensuring DEI is still at the heart?

  • What data is best leveraged by HR to improve the EX?

  • What are the things we are doing now for our employees that were different 12 months ago?

Regardless of place or position within the organisation, we must be creating a great place to work for all. 

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