The New Talent Code - Unlocking Talent Potential

The New Talent Code - Unlocking Talent Potential
Wednesday, 29 June, 2022 - 15:30 to 17:00

The BTN team is delighted to host another exclusive virtual roundtable, in partnership with Eightfold.

People are focal to all organisations and skills are looking to be the new currency as we navigate into the new world of work. How do we understand skills at the level that we understand our emails? How can you understand the current state of your talent infrastructure and comprehend where we need to get to?

Skills must become part of the talent landscape, whereby when you are hiring, the skills are known, when promoting, the skills should be understood. Across the entire HR ecosystem, whether that be learning or talent or succession or the process, we must be aspiring for everything to be talking to each other. 

We should be trying to get the basics right when it comes to skills and then using advancements in technology such as AI to understand skills and roles. We can then use the skills as it becomes part of our HR technology to start understanding how to reskill, upskill, unskill and beyond.

The interactive and open session will follow the below agenda points:

  1. How do you actually understand what your current organisational situation is? If as an organisation your data is poor, where do you start on your journey?
  2. What role does technology play vs the capabilities of the organisation?
  3. How can Upskilling & unskilling be embedded into a culture of learning? How do we bring our employees on the journey too?

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