What is the Valley of Uncertainty?

By Julie Kuepers (Senior Digital Content Strategist at Click Boarding)

Ever hear of the Valley of Uncertainty?

No? Well, Click Boarding coined the term and concept of the Valley of Uncertainty. It’s our analogy of the gap that exists between Talent Acquisition and Talent Management. Sounds like a scary place to be, right? The Valley of Uncertainty is where your newly hired candidates fall off the bandwagon… when they’re most at risk.

Brexit - The Failure of British Business to Plan - What is Stopping Them? by George Kemish

I am somewhat disappointed by the latest figures showing how many businesses have failed to carry out Brexit Risk Assessments and even more disappointed at the number that have not undertaken any planning in order to prepare for a future after the UK has left the EU.

Taking the ‘Un’ Out of ‘Uncertainty’: How Talent Acquisition Can Thrive in a World of Change

The Business Transformation Network recently hosted an event on ‘Taking the ‘Un’ Out of ‘Uncertainty’: How Talent Acquisition Can Thrive in a World of Change’ in partnership with Sevenstep. Sevenstep is a global leader in recruitment outsourcing annually ranked as a top enterprise RPO provider who persistently defy industry conventions to provide clients with talent acquisition wins and business performance gains.

The conversation was varied, touching on a wide variety of points around the following points: