Finding your formula for digital and data transformation by James Coughlan (part 1)

Do you have a vision for transformation, but are simply unsure of where to start? Within part 1 of this series with Engine, James Coughlan (Digital Transformation Director), talks about finding your formula for digital and data transformation.

For many people, the majority of transformations fail and cause huge issues for people on the ground, both internal and external. This can be due to a number of factors and James goes into detail about a few of those that he has experienced, for example, people or communications.

Sustainability transformation - Prepare for the 2020 ‘Super year’! - Part 2 by Tom Bryant

How do we get there?  There can be much to consider under each key step in a sustainability transformation roadmap but we will keep to a high-level overview for this blog and more detail can be explored in future blogs on each step.  The typical roadmap towards becoming a sustainable organisation can be seen below:

Sustainability Transformation Roadmap