On the way to Web 3.0: key software testing aspects for seamless digital experiences. Part 1

In this part of the article, feel free to learn about the transformation to a new Internet era, Web 3.0, and its benefits for increasing operational efficiency.

Today, the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds are fading at the flip of a switch. People already use AI-generated avatars when communicating via social networks, follow the latest fashion trends in the virtual runways, receive medical assistance through digital twins, and enjoy virtual concerts.  

6 must-have testing types for eLearning and mLearning software

We live in pretty amazing times, don’t we. Wish to join a good old school lesson? Just have your laptop or phone nearby — from absolutely anywhere in the world.

eLearning and mLearing solutions are rapidly evolving. Global lockdown made people move lifestyle activities to their homes, education included. So, the positions of eLearning and mLearning software have been reinforced in the IT market.