4 tips to grow brand and employee engagement in your contact center

Every conversation between your team and your customer's matters. Your employees are your greatest ambassadors—it’s important that they feel engaged and empowered to offer an excellent customer experience.

The traditional narrative of AI and automation in the contact center is that it allows it to “do more with less”—inferring that “less” relates to doing more with fewer agents.

5 AI Sales Tools That Will Help Your Sales Team Close More Deals

2021 study by Gartner found that 88% of CSOs have already invested in, or are considering investing in AI tools and technologies for their sales teams. If your team isn’t already using AI tools, they risk being left behind. Your competitors are already using AI to optimize their processes, work more efficiently, and equip their reps with more information ahead of any sales interaction.

Leading Global Law Firm - Testing for iManage DMS Cloud Migration


The client is one of the world’s pre-eminent law firms headquartered in London.

They enjoy a position at the forefront of the profession, working in collaboration and partnership with clients and wider stakeholders to secure long-term, sustainable success.

Their expert legal strategy recognises that the world is changing and that agility and flexibility are essential if they want to keep leading and shaping the legal sector.


How can AI help insurers build empathy across organizations?

Analyzing three ways AI can help insurers weave empathy into the fabric of their enterprises.

Empathy isn’t a word consumers typically associate with insurance companies. But that doesn’t mean empathy isn’t important to policyholders. Quite the opposite: Empathy demonstrated by insurers can have a profoundly positive effect on overall customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Forrester Consulting Study: Trusting Zero Trust

The new normal consists of cloud and device insecurity. Did you know that nearly 70% of respondents said their firm has struggled to maximize the productivity of remote workers without exposing them or their devices to new risk. 75% said they agree that to be better prepared, their firms must update their technical reference architectures for cloud security and ensure that ZT design principles are baked into cloud adoption and migration.