The New Talent Code Unlocking Talent Potential

People are the focal point for all successful organisations and skills are looking to be the new currency as we navigate into the new world of work. How do we understand skills at the same basic level that we would understand our emails? How can you understand the current state of your talent infrastructure and comprehend where we need to get to?

Becoming Talent First - Understanding Your Skills Framework

Can you currently effectively identify and address your talent and skills gap?

In an evolving world of work, the only constant is the change that comes with it. The role of talent has been revolutionised by the use of data but still, we hear about talent functions not truly understanding their current business situation before trying to develop.

Where does your current focus lie within your talent journey? Is there more focus on recruitment than retention? Do you have an understanding of your current talent infrastructure?

Transform how you think about succession planning with a skills-focused approach

Transformational leaders, bosses, coaches, and teachers empower others to seek leadership opportunities, regardless of their role or title. While some people are innately drawn to leadership positions, many aren’t born great leaders and need to develop skills through opportunity and experience. Identifying potential — and nurturing future leaders along their journey — is modern succession planning at its core.

Time to Deal with Cyber Security Strategically, and from the Top Down By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

This is no longer just about tech — if it ever was

Surveys focused on the concerns and priorities of the CISO community have been quite consistent over the last few years, and collectively, they paint a slightly uncomfortable picture: The picture of CISO roles and security practices still operating bottom-up, disconnected from the dynamics of the business and the broader culture of their organisation.