Skills Gap

Cyber Security Automation is Key to Fight the Skills Gap

To start building solutions to the skills gap problem, it is key to look at it in all its dimensions.


The debate around the cyber security skills gap continues to ride fairly high on the security industry’s agenda, but to start building solutions, it is key to look at the problem in all its dimensions.

The cyber security skills gap problem has its origins in three interlocking factors:

Hiring Better People with Significant Time Savings with Predictive Hire

So what were Employsure’s business objectives for using our technology?
• Hire people who will stay and perform.
• Accelerate sales growth through reducing time to hire.
• Decrease direct and indirect cost of hiring in the recruitment process through the use of technology.

Our growth ambition is high. Growth comes from hiring great people who stay and achieve exceptional results. UsingPredictiveHire’s technology helps us to do that efficiently. Michael Morris, Head of Talent