Security Champions: Providing Scale & Speed for your Developers' will be the opportunity to share insights on topic Security.

The BTN recently partnered with Synk, a developer security platform for securing code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code for an exclusive virtual roundtable event. This session looked at 'Security Champions: Providing Scale & Speed for your Developers' and was an opportunity to share insights around the topic of security within organisations.

Securing cloud infrastructure for PCI review

The PCI certification process is quite comprehensive and relates to infrastructure, software and employee access to systems, in particular to datasets and the way that they are accessed. These checks are critical not only to the wider payments industry but also to create a level of trust with users knowing their data is protected. The PCI compliance process is a number of checks, usually by an accredited third party, to ensure that secure data handling processes are in place. 

Trends in TPRM: Q&A with Gartner and H-ISAC

Recently, RiskRecon founder Kelly White sat down with Sam Olyaei, Director at Gartner Research, and Errol Weiss, Chief Security Officer at Health-ISAC, to discuss their client’s experiences regarding third-party risk management. 

In this paper, RiskRecon highlight some of the insights discussed during our Q&A session including:

  • Why some organizations are better at managing third-party risks
  • The current and future state of TPRM ownership within firms
  • How firms are currently identifying risks from Nth parties


Why security is the new priority for eCommerce in Poland

The pandemic undoubtedly brought eCommerce to the top of many companies’ priority lists. Businesses that were already established in trading online wanted to take advantage of rapid expansion, while those that did not have an internet sales presence quickly tried to catch up.

Not all companies are equally as comfortable in the online world, and the same could be said for their customers.

While the world is becoming increasingly digitally native, not all customers are enthusiastic adopters, and we must consider their needs.