Security Champions: Providing Scale & Speed for your Developers' will be the opportunity to share insights on topic Security.

The BTN recently partnered with Synk, a developer security platform for securing code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code for an exclusive virtual roundtable event. This session looked at 'Security Champions: Providing Scale & Speed for your Developers' and was an opportunity to share insights around the topic of security within organisations.

3 keys to understand the cyber security skills gap (and deal with it)

Look at it in all its dimensions before jumping to ready-made solutions

You don’t have to go far to find cyber security professionals complaining about skills shortages, but the problem has several dimensions which have to be understood and mapped out before we can start to figure out possible solutions.

Time to Deal with Cyber Security Strategically, and from the Top Down By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

This is no longer just about tech — if it ever was

Surveys focused on the concerns and priorities of the CISO community have been quite consistent over the last few years, and collectively, they paint a slightly uncomfortable picture: The picture of CISO roles and security practices still operating bottom-up, disconnected from the dynamics of the business and the broader culture of their organisation.

Why do bugs get missed? Learn the problems and tips to avoid them

In 2021, hackers exposed the personal information of 533 million Facebook users, including phone numbers, full names, birthdays, locations, and bios — all because of a small Facebook failure. This is an example of how missed bugs can become a nightmare for product owners, stakeholders, developers, QA engineers, and, as a result, users.

Cyber Security: Awareness Programmes: Are They Really Working? And What to Do About it? By JC Gaillard

When some people say they don’t know what to do around cyber, you may want to ask them where they have been for the last 10 years…

For a number of years, I have been puzzled by the high idea some cyber security professionals seem to have that their job is about convincing other people: Convincing users that they need to do certain things to protect themselves and their data; Convincing the Board that they need to invest more to protect the business, etc…

Indicators of Attack – A Proactive Approach to Cyber Defence

In an era where attacks are increasingly more sophisticated, it is critical that the defensive capabilities you employ can collect, assemble, and interpret the data flowing through your network.

These data fragments are the building blocks of intelligence that form early warning signs that your network may be under attack and being able to identify these vital warning signs can dramatically decrease the Mean-Time-To-Mitigation (MTTM).