What is the Wider Impact of Cybercrime and Ransomware Threats?

Recently, RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company, founder Kelly White, sat down with Sam Olyaei, Director at Gartner Research, and Errol Weiss, Chief Security Officer at Health-ISAC, to discuss their client’s experiences regarding recent trends in third-party risk management. During their discussion, they spoke about the wider impact of cybercrime and ransomware threats.

Why Machine Learning models will become the new normal

Leandro Guerra, Head of Data Science and Analytics Platforms – EMEA at Experian, discusses how the technology will lead to more accurate assessments of customers

Machine Learning models can unlock the ability to deliver predictive models with enhanced predictive power for creditworthiness, affordability, and fraud assessments.

Businesses that are not using or planning to use Machine Learning (ML) based models are leaving money on the table. The question is: why?

4 Reasons to Invest in an Outsourced SOC

Cyber security is an ever evolving and expanding challenge and a lot of businesses struggle to keep up with the changing threat landscape.

The costs of implementing the necessary technologies and personnel to proactively monitor and investigate threats in-house could very quickly become very expensive – not to mention ensuring regulatory compliance and minimising alert fatigue among the team.

How Can a Managed Service Provider Benefit Its Supplier Partners?

Three entities are critical to ensuring the successful acquisition and retention of a contingent workforce: the client, the managed service provider (MSP) and the suppliers who deliver talent. When a symbiotic relationship exists among each of these parties, success will follow. Clients receive the right talent, at the right time and at the right price. MSPs fulfill their vision of helping organizations unlock the potential of the extended workforce.

Trends in TPRM: Q&A with Gartner and H-ISAC

Recently, RiskRecon founder Kelly White sat down with Sam Olyaei, Director at Gartner Research, and Errol Weiss, Chief Security Officer at Health-ISAC, to discuss their client’s experiences regarding third-party risk management. 

In this paper, RiskRecon highlight some of the insights discussed during our Q&A session including:

  • Why some organizations are better at managing third-party risks
  • The current and future state of TPRM ownership within firms
  • How firms are currently identifying risks from Nth parties


Forrester Consulting Study: Trusting Zero Trust

The new normal consists of cloud and device insecurity. Did you know that nearly 70% of respondents said their firm has struggled to maximize the productivity of remote workers without exposing them or their devices to new risk. 75% said they agree that to be better prepared, their firms must update their technical reference architectures for cloud security and ensure that ZT design principles are baked into cloud adoption and migration.

The Future of Work and Learning - Opportunity or Risk?

Research shows we are conditioned to think negatively 70% of the time – largely in ways that express our fears; something we don’t want or are actively trying to avoid.

As we leap further into an uncertain world – forever changed by jittery markets, rapid digital transformation, disruption, hyper-competitive marketplaces, shifting cultural landscapes, and the end of the ‘job for life’ – it’s only natural to be daunted by our own position in the evolving workplace.