Reaching the next generation—digital transformation and credit unions

Modernizing the contact centre is critical for credit unions to capitalize on the greatest generational transfer of wealth in history.

Offering a digital experience is no longer optional for credit unions. The high-touch customer service model most credit unions have relied on has failed to convert Millenial and Gen Z customers and was nearly disastrous when offices were forced to close because of the pandemic.


In the second part of this series, in partnership with Engine Group, with Sol Enenmoh (Head of Digital Transformation at Vanquis Bank), we look at how the shift in consumer behaviour has changed the acceleration in digital transformation and whether an investment is focused on the right areas of digital transformation.


Becoming Digital-Savvy...

Finding your formula for digital and data transformation by James Coughlan (part 1)

Do you have a vision for transformation, but are simply unsure of where to start? Within part 1 of this series with Engine, James Coughlan (Digital Transformation Director), talks about finding your formula for digital and data transformation.

For many people, the majority of transformations fail and cause huge issues for people on the ground, both internal and external. This can be due to a number of factors and James goes into detail about a few of those that he has experienced, for example, people or communications.

Process Side of Change Management by Ramkumar Viswanathan

People, Process and Technology are three pillars of change management. In this blog, I am going to look at the process side of change management. Although Process has a considerable overlap with other two aspects, there is still room to look at process in isolation. Borrowing from the simple yet effective model of Lewin, Process can be unfreezed, analysed and repackaged as shown in the below diagram.

Figure 1: Transforming Cube to Cone