Neha Gupta - Eliminating Barriers to Expansion - Part 1 (in partnership with Globalization partners)

We welcome another insightful leader to this fascinating series around ‘Eliminating Barriers to Expansion’ in partnership with Globalization Partners, Neha Gupta (HR director at dunnhumby).

In this first video from the series, Neha discusses how technology has played a huge role in marking global talent accessible around the world and how communication has changed.

Caroline Goddard - Eliminating Barriers to Expansion (in partnership with Globalization Partners)

Within this discussion, in partnership with Globalization Partners, we welcome the incredible Caroline Goddard (Global Human Resources Director at GDS Group), who opens up the conversation around ‘Eliminating Barriers to Expansion.’

Caroline looks at how companies capitalise on the best talent available around the world to address skilled talent shortages in their local market.