Organisational Culture


Toxic leaders cannot exist alone. They need an environment in which they can flourish and followers who don’t challenge them. If you see toxic leadership within your organisation, you’re going to see elements of the following.

The Conducive Environment

For toxic leaders to be successful, they need an environment where they can thrive. There are four elements that contribute towards a conducive environment: instability, perceived threat, questionable values and standards and an absence of governance.

Cultural revolution by Mark Aikman

I’m currently giving some thought to the team culture I’m going to need in my latest project. When you think about culture change, it always seems a bit, well, MASSIVE. It’s knowing where to start. But in fact, sometimes it needs no more than a sharp tug on a piece of string….

Years ago, I started on a programme where the client told us that IT was hindering rather than helping the organisation. Systems were complicated, the technology was something of a Dark Art and the IT team was remote and unhelpful.

How to ensure that disagreements don’t lead to meltdown by Jonny McCormick

I’ve had the privilege of watching and working with many senior leadership teams over the years. One of the things that I find most interesting is watching to see what happens when there are disagreements in the team. In the worst scenarios decisions are overly personalised, arguments are one sided, and relationships are strained as a result. The best of these teams understand how to handle disagreements whilst strengthening relationships through the process of robust and respectful discussion.

Agile Coaching is like Green Eggs and Ham by Jardena London

I did an exercise recently with a group, and I felt like Sam I Am from the Dr. Seuss book, “Green Eggs and Ham”.  If you remember the book, the character “Sam I am” is trying to get someone to try green eggs and ham.  There’s a whole rigamarole of objections until he finally tries them and likes them.

The Business Value of Cybersecurity by Jean-Christophe Gaillard

Cybersecurity is rising as a key issue on the radar of virtually all organisations. According to a recent AT Kearney report, cyber-attacks have been topping executives’ lists of business risks for three straight years. This concern is also driven by security and privacy becoming increasingly valued by customers, and by regulators stepping into the topic (GDPR in Europe, California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018).

Openness is an Employee Engagement Jewel by Shea Heaver

Books, eyelids, convenience stores and even web browsers all have one thing in common... For them to function effectively they need to be open.

The same is true of the employees in any team, department or organization. Engagement (and all the good stuff that goes with it) thrives in a culture where open communication and workplace relationships are strong. In fact, today's workforce expects nothing less as they are used to posting their life stories in various public, online outlets.

Being open is having the capacity to