Operational Excellence

Bridging the Gap between HR Technology and Operational Excellence

Recently, The Business Transformation Network hosted an event on “HR TechOps - Bridging the Gap between HR Tech and Operational Excellence”, which is a topic of growing importance in business today. The main questions the conversation revolved around were:

1.     What HR Technology platforms are being implemented and how is the implementation process going?

2.     How can HR technology be used to improve efficiency and employee experience?

Where should a Central Change Team Sit

Change Team

On Wednesday 22 April Annapurna Change hosted its second Thought Leadership Round Table event at the iconic Hamyard Hotel.

Hosted by Dereck Gannon, COO of Comic Relief, 19 Professionals representing Senior Change leadership in the UK came together to discuss the topic  

Where should a central change team sit and how does the organisational structure impact this?