How Are People Feeling About Work And The Job Market In 2023?

In our latest research, the Beamery Talent Index Seventh Edition, we asked over 6,000 workers (in the US, UK and Nordics) how they feel about their current roles, employers, and the job market. Despite the uncertain economy, many of the workers we asked were generally (or very) happy in their current roles and were optimistic about the future of their company and opportunities to develop new skills.

World Productivity Day: Here’s why your workforce isn’t working

Ever feel like you’re so busy that you can’t get anything actually done?

Think about it. Employees today are in and out of meetings often; constantly having to respond to emails; regularly swapping between different platforms and tools; and working on tens of tasks, activities and projects.

At the end of the week, what outputs do they have to show for their time? Is it less than they think, despite feeling shattered at the end of the week?

That’s exactly the position many teams are in today.

Not trading your happiness for money with Jardena London

We conducted a Q&A interview with Jardena London, Transformation Leader and Blogtoon Publisher at Rosetta Technology Group, around work-life balance, how employees embrace change and leadership.


Could you introduce yourself and what you do?
I like to say that I help work not suck, or said more politically correctly; I help organizations become healthy, productive and fun. Most of my work is in the space of Business Agility, but I also publish a daily blogtoon and I’m doing some work on increasing the Gender Quotient in the workplace.

Making Employee Engagement More Than A Tick Box with Shea Heaver

We conducted a Q&A interview with Shea Heaver, Founder at OptimaWork, around employee engagement and business transformation.

Could you introduce yourself and what you do?

Engage Employees in the Engagement Process by Shea Heaver

Although most organizations and management understand the need for Employee Engagement, most still struggle to create it.

Why is that?

Well in most cases it is simply down to the fact that it is still viewed as a Management and/or Human Resources function....or burden depending on where you stand.  

The old (and very time-consuming) method of seeking staff feedback via a lengthy opinion survey and then digging through all the data looking for a golden nugget is still widely used and seen as the only option in many circles.