Agility is in your people, their mindset, and their trust

"Complexity is the enemy of execution"

I heard this quote for the first time from Tony Robbins; an American author, coach, speaker, and philanthropist.

I took it to mean that the more we try planning and anticipating everything upfront, the more likely we are to procrastinate and get paralysed into inaction, or partial completion. Information overload feeds procrastination and can lead to overwhelm.

This is a challenge both for companies and individuals. Even more so now, where access to information abounds and is easily accessible.

Why Machine Learning models will become the new normal

Leandro Guerra, Head of Data Science and Analytics Platforms – EMEA at Experian, discusses how the technology will lead to more accurate assessments of customers

Machine Learning models can unlock the ability to deliver predictive models with enhanced predictive power for creditworthiness, affordability, and fraud assessments.

Businesses that are not using or planning to use Machine Learning (ML) based models are leaving money on the table. The question is: why?

The Future of Work and Learning - Opportunity or Risk?

Research shows we are conditioned to think negatively 70% of the time – largely in ways that express our fears; something we don’t want or are actively trying to avoid.

As we leap further into an uncertain world – forever changed by jittery markets, rapid digital transformation, disruption, hyper-competitive marketplaces, shifting cultural landscapes, and the end of the ‘job for life’ – it’s only natural to be daunted by our own position in the evolving workplace.

Customer Success Story - Imperial Brands

Our partner getAbstract, has released a whitepaper on their customer success story - Imperial brands.

About Imperial Brands

Imperial Brands PLC is a global consumer organization headquartered in Bristol, UK. It is the fourth largest international tobacco company in the world, operating across 120 markets. Imperial Brands employs thousands of people worldwide.