HR Systems

10 steps to building a successful business case for HR tech investment

All businesses are a sum of their employees and HR, yet numerous organisations struggle to understand their staff, their needs and retention rates.

Many organisations are focused on increasing profits, through decreasing inefficiencies, therefore saving both time and money in the long-term, but how can you do this in a function as important as HR?

Increasing HR can be difficult at the best of times, which is what makes HR systems so appealing. As a centralised place for organisations to manage people-related functions and processes, HR systems are almost a 'no-brainer'.

HRIS: The big, the bad and the ugly


The Big, the Bad & the Ugly

While there is no refuting the growth and ever-increasing popularity of big brand-name cloud-based HR software's, I’ve always found that the solutions on the market tend to lack attention to the needs of individual clients. Sure, they’re all based on ‘best practice’, but does this pre-defined practice really apply to all companies?