3 ways companies change faster, build momentum, and leverage great team work

Companies change faster when they can build momentum and leverage great teamwork

For over a decade I supported many leaders in SMEs & large companies to reinvent themselves and evolve their businesses

The consulting sector has done wonders to help companies evolve by providing the latest strategies, industry best practices, and know-how. This advice is helpful because it typically compares what you do to what others are doing and points you in the right direction.

The power of advice comes to fruition when leaders and teams work in perfect synergy.

6 must-have testing types for eLearning and mLearning software

We live in pretty amazing times, don’t we. Wish to join a good old school lesson? Just have your laptop or phone nearby — from absolutely anywhere in the world.

eLearning and mLearing solutions are rapidly evolving. Global lockdown made people move lifestyle activities to their homes, education included. So, the positions of eLearning and mLearning software have been reinforced in the IT market.

10 Quick Efficiency Wins for Business Leaders Facing a Looming Recession

The majority of both Wall Street and Main Street believe we’re  heading towards a recession, with high inflation and supply chain issues just adding to the negativity. For growing businesses who aren’t sure how to prepare ahead of time, here are 10 tips that could make all the difference in preparing your company for an economic downturn.