The Value of Kubernetes and Containerisation at Camunda by Andrea Giardini

In this exclusive video, Andrea Giardini (Engineering Manager at Camunda) discusses the issues faced when going through changes, focusing on the importance of not isolating container systems. Focusing on the importance of developer feedback during projects, Andrea looks at how this ensures the change process runs smoothly, allows Camunda to increase efficiency through Kubernetes and Containerisation.


Top 6 UX Design Trends for 2018 by Andrei Klubnikin


Everything on a mobile/web page is there for a purpose. “Screenless” is the new black. IoT and Augmented Reality bring new challenges for UX/UI designers. The line between the physical and digital worlds keeps getting thinner. What are the user experience design trends that will dominate 2018? Read on to find out!

UX trends to watch in 2018

So far, 2017 has been the year of the mobile-first approach to website development, AI-powered chatbots, microinteractions and the highly fragmented consumer Internet of Things market.