Securing cloud infrastructure for PCI review

The PCI certification process is quite comprehensive and relates to infrastructure, software and employee access to systems, in particular to datasets and the way that they are accessed. These checks are critical not only to the wider payments industry but also to create a level of trust with users knowing their data is protected. The PCI compliance process is a number of checks, usually by an accredited third party, to ensure that secure data handling processes are in place. 

Why security is the new priority for eCommerce in Poland

The pandemic undoubtedly brought eCommerce to the top of many companies’ priority lists. Businesses that were already established in trading online wanted to take advantage of rapid expansion, while those that did not have an internet sales presence quickly tried to catch up.

Not all companies are equally as comfortable in the online world, and the same could be said for their customers.

While the world is becoming increasingly digitally native, not all customers are enthusiastic adopters, and we must consider their needs.

5 AI Sales Tools That Will Help Your Sales Team Close More Deals

2021 study by Gartner found that 88% of CSOs have already invested in, or are considering investing in AI tools and technologies for their sales teams. If your team isn’t already using AI tools, they risk being left behind. Your competitors are already using AI to optimize their processes, work more efficiently, and equip their reps with more information ahead of any sales interaction.

Top Cloud security false assumptions that create needless risk


It’s been 15 years since Amazon Web Services launched the first cloud infrastructure platform. At the flip of a switch, you could fire up a data center without having to buy any hardware or bury capital. But initially many companies eyed the cloud with suspicion. Leery of losing control, they held tight to running their own data centers. They thought the cloud was risky. And it was.