Cyber Security

The Business Case for Situational Awareness in Your Supply Chain

The BTN was recently delighted to partner again with RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company, for an exclusive roundtable, specialising in risk assessment automation and cyber risk management, to discuss ‘The Business Case for Situational Awareness in Your Supply Chain'.

The session looked at what can we be doing to increase the visibility of supply chain threats? How do we determine and identify risky vendors in our ecosystem? And where do we start when building an action-oriented 3rd party risk program?

Forrester Consulting Study: Trusting Zero Trust

The new normal consists of cloud and device insecurity. Did you know that nearly 70% of respondents said their firm has struggled to maximize the productivity of remote workers without exposing them or their devices to new risk. 75% said they agree that to be better prepared, their firms must update their technical reference architectures for cloud security and ensure that ZT design principles are baked into cloud adoption and migration.

The Problem with Cyber Security ROI

CISOs being asked those questions should look beyond the topic itself and face the underlying issues it might be hiding.

If the reporting line of the CISO is the oldest ongoing topic of discussion amongst cyber security communities, security ROI is probably the second oldest…

In reality, it hides several endemic problems which have been plaguing the security industry for the last two decades.

Cyber Security: The Operational Illusion

Security culture and governance eat tech for breakfast

Looking back at what happened at ground level throughout the COVID crisis, it is clear that the focus has been entirely on operational matters: From moving into remote working at scale for the services industry to keeping supply chains working for the manufacturing sector, or many retail firms having to re-invent themselves as digital businesses, literally within weeks. It has all been about keeping the lights on, understandably.

Cyber Security Automation is Key to Fight the Skills Gap

To start building solutions to the skills gap problem, it is key to look at it in all its dimensions.


The debate around the cyber security skills gap continues to ride fairly high on the security industry’s agenda, but to start building solutions, it is key to look at the problem in all its dimensions.

The cyber security skills gap problem has its origins in three interlocking factors: