The 3 Traits of Successful Cyber Security Leaders

The cyber security transformative urgency in many firms forces to look beyond traditional technology profiles

Cyber security has risen to prominence on the agenda of many business leaders.

Large firms have been struggling with it for decades in spite of significant investments in that space, but for many across the boardroom, the realisation has taken place over the past few years that cyber-attacks were simply a matter of “when” not “if.

3 keys to understand the cyber security skills gap (and deal with it)

Look at it in all its dimensions before jumping to ready-made solutions

You don’t have to go far to find cyber security professionals complaining about skills shortages, but the problem has several dimensions which have to be understood and mapped out before we can start to figure out possible solutions.

The Cyber Security Pyramid of Pain – Defending Against Attacks

Written by Marten Cureton and Tom Sadler

The Pyramid of Pain was created by security professional, David J Bianco, in 2013, while he was threat hunting and working on incident response. The Pyramid ranks, in ascending order, the list of indicators used to detect an attacker’s activities and how much “pain” it will cause the attacker by denying these different indicators, as well as the effort and difficulty to find each indicator for the security analyst.