Cloud-Native Environments: A Challenge for Traditional Cyber Security Practices by Jean-Christophe Gaillard

Clouds are those blurred masses of condensed watery vapor floating in the sky whose gloomy nature often leads to questionings around their true physical state. Are they really tangible? Could we touch what we look up to? And above all, is there a difference between what we imagine seeing and what they truly are?

IT Modernisation on a Page by Harvey Neve

A few years ago I was asked to explain IT modernisation to a main board Director in a couple of minutes. I created a "Killer Slide" (see a previous article) which worked well and has been "borrowed" by lots of people since then.

So I've updated the slide to reflect the digital times we live in and thought I'd throw it out there in case it's of interest and use. 


HRIS: The big, the bad and the ugly


The Big, the Bad & the Ugly

While there is no refuting the growth and ever-increasing popularity of big brand-name cloud-based HR software's, I’ve always found that the solutions on the market tend to lack attention to the needs of individual clients. Sure, they’re all based on ‘best practice’, but does this pre-defined practice really apply to all companies?