Accountants: technology will not disrupt your industry in the future – it already is by Miriam Gilbert

The investment in recent years by large organisations, including the Big Four, has resulted in advanced technology that is changing many aspects of traditional accountancy and tax advisory. They now have technology that can cut the manhours needed on complex audits, do away with the need for sample testing and conduct a more insightful analysis of trends and risks.

What every manager needs to know about mental health: a glimpse into the basics of achieving well-being at work by Karolina Silva

Mental health at work should matter to all of us. It shouldn’t be seen as something that stops when we leave our home to go to work. It, unfortunately, does not work like that, because our circumstances are comprised of every aspect of our lives (work, family, society). Apparently, it is still somewhat taboo to talk about mental health despite the fact that it is being addressed more and more. Maybe this is because it might reflect our own drawbacks or, even worse, because it could compromise our future as employees if we dare mention anything related to it at work.