The Role of Testing within Successful Digital Transformations

The Role of Testing within Successful Digital Transformations
Thursday, 4 February, 2021 - 16:00 to 17:30

The BTN is delighted to present their latest virtual roundtable, in partnership with Prolifics Testing, on the role of testing within successful digital transformations.

All organisations are going through vast amounts of change at the moment, whether they’re necessarily calling this 'a Transformation' depends on the size of the organisation and the scale of the process.”

Introducing any sort of change or transformation introduces risk into the organisation, and mitigating that risk should always be part of the operation. Testing is designed to minimise risk, and it's especially relevant when the focus is a move to a more digital environment. Your QA team can be at the heart of your transformation but how can organisations ensure that quality is maintained when under pressure to deliver at speed? How can organisations take advantage of the benefits of offshore delivery now that any stigma around remote working has been removed during 2020?

The session will be an open and interactive discussion which will follow the below key topics:

  • How do you deliver faster and more frequently whilst maintaining quality?
  • How to transform your QA team into a world-class quality engineering team
  • Offshore delivery – Has Covid shown how IT can successfully deliver by working remote?