Protecting Information in a changing world

Protecting Information in a changing world
Wednesday, 8 February, 2023 - 18:00 to 20:00

We are delighted to partner with Proofpoint, for this attendee-led roundtable discussion, focusing on Data Leakage Prevention and Information Protection. Proofpoint is known for being the leader in e-mail security and security awareness, however they are also the second largest information protection and DLP vendor, and growing each year.

Information protection and DLP is a critical control, preventing data loss, protecting intellectual property & company reputations, and highlighting insider threats, yet so many firms are disappointed with their current solution. These challenges get worse when staff are accessing data from anywhere, and moving data across perimeters into cloud repositories.

In this interactive session, Proofpoint’s Information Protection expert Carl Leonard, and their Resident CISO, Andrew Rose, will lead a discussion on the limitations and pain points around current DLP solutions, and pragmatic solutions to enable the implementation of a successful control model.

Throughout the event, the discussion points will be the following:

  • Why DLP has a negative image?
  • How new technologies and working practices are making DLP even more challenging?
  • Why DLP and insider threat are intrinsically linked?
  • What are the key use cases you should be addressing and how do you achieve success with a program that fits the business needs?

This event will be hosted at the Haymarket Hotel in Central London, where drinks and refreshments will be provided after the discussion.

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