Past Events

Past Events

Mar 18

The BTN is delighted to announce a media partnership with IRM's Business Change & Transformation Conference Europe.

The conference is a 2-day opportunity to explore and debate the connection across business change, transformation,...

Mar 14

Whilst the ever-changing tech landscape is clearly an on-going improvement for consumers through the offering of new and better products on a regular basis, there are the repercussions this has on people working within the field.

This BTN event...

Mar 07

The BTN is delighted to present our latest VIP round-table event on HR Information Systems Transformation.

The event will discuss how to ensure HRIS Transformation Programmes deliver operational efficiency within the HR function at the same...

Feb 27

The BTN is delighted to partner once again with the CMI (Change Management Institute) for their next event on the relationship between design thinking and change management.

Who invited Design Thinking to the Change Management Party and what...

Jan 23

The BTN is delighted to partner with Sage People to bring our next HR focused event around 'The Changing Face of HR'.

The evening will be a VIP round-table discussion around some of the key transitions of the HR professional as organisations...

Jan 21

Ride the storm of digital change: Accelerate business excellence through people, process and technology

Jan 16

Co-creating Learning Organisations

Buy your tickets now at


Jan 09

The BTN is delighted to introduce the CMI (Change Management Institutes) first event of 2019.

Dec 05

This BTN event is exclusively for CIO/CTO's and Transformation Directors with a focus on delivering change programs.

With everyone speaking about digital transformation, the technology should always sit at the heart of the project but should IT...

Nov 29

The realisation that the world is suffering from a skills shortage that will only get gradually worse as advancements in technology come in, result in organisations putting talent attraction at the heart of their future business plans.

Is the...

Nov 26

Have you heard of Blockchain and the emerging crypto economy recently? Are you aware of what challenges will need to be addressed? Are you ready for this revolutionary change?

Nov 22

The BTN is delighted to present our latest VIP round-table event on HR TechOps.

The event will focus on the gap that currently exists between HR technology and Operational Excellence.

  • HR Tech Interface to Business, What?

Nov 21

The BTN is proud to partner with the CMI (Change Management Institute's) latest event around people resilience.

Exploring the importance and impacts that wellbeing and personal resilience have on an organisation’s workforce and their ability to...

Nov 19

Transform your back office through digital innovation and process excellence

Traditional back-office delivery models are quickly becoming obsolete as internal customer behaviour and the speed of change are becoming increasingly vital.

Nov 15

Pioneering the transition into smart factory with lean thinking

Successful lean will lead to successful 4.0 implementation

Nov 14

Within the Talent Acquisition space we are seeing more emphasis being placed on AI and technology to enable faster and more effective recruitment -...

Nov 07

"Just 24% of global employees are highly engaged"

(Source: Aon Hewitt, 2017)

Internal communications are starting to showcase the benefits and the potential it has within a large majority of organisations, yet still remains largely...

Nov 01

The BTN is delighted to announce our next international event in Berlin on the topic of PHP.

The event will give you the opportunity to hear from and network with like-minded individuals.

The key topics of the evening will be:

Oct 24

Customer is king. Time is money.

As the evolution of digital expands past a laptop, to a phone, to a wearable, everybody is looking at ways to pass through the digital matrix in the most user-friendly, quickest and easiest way. Up steps the...

Oct 23

As part of the BTN's partnership with Merit Summit, we are delighted to extend Merit Summit's offer of a free webinar on utilising the intelligence effectively that is available across your...

Oct 17

The BTN is delighted to introduce the CMI (Change Management Institute's) latest event on nudge theory.

Oct 11

What is the Excellence in Leadership (EiL) all about?

The EiL is proud to present our first 2-day summit to be focused on business transformation with an emphasis on people and technology...

Sep 24

On Monday, 24 September 2018, The BTN, in partnership with EY, will be hosting an event in EY's London offices for Global Heads of Learning and Talent in the Financial Services industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face in leading...

Sep 19

In partnership with Recruitd Social, The BTN brings you our next VIP HR event which will focus around how as an employer, you need to embrace social hiring in an...

Sep 12

The Business Transformation Network is delighted to bring you our next VIP Executive event, which is exclusively for Change Directors and Heads of Communications. This event provides an opportunity to network with senior leaders...

Sep 11

The BTN is please to announce an event for Senior HR practitioners, which is being hosted by theHRDIRECTOR.

Change is now a constant for today’s organisations. Faced with digital disruption and...

Sep 04

The BTN is proud to be partnering with In-House Recruitment LIVE!

On 4th September 2018, over 1,000 senior In-house Recruitment and Talent Attraction professionals will join for the must-attend In-house Recruitment LIVE! London...

Aug 29

Time: 11am CDT | 1pm ART | 5pm BST | 8pm GST

Cost: Free

The BTN brings you a webinar by our partner, Cielo which will be approaching the much speculated about topic of how artificial intelligence might...

Jul 19

Imagine being able to go to your superiors with absolute clarity on the success of your recruitment process and technology, metrics, and employer brand.

The only way to do this is to be more scientific, and you can do...

Jul 12

Imagine being able to go to your superiors with absolute clarity on the success of your recruitment process and technology, metrics, and employer brand.

The only way to do this is to be more scientific, and you can do this by...

Jun 27

The HR, Talent & Culture meetup group is in full growth mode. We love London, but are excited about expanding our events to other parts of the UK. Join us for our next meet up, sponsored by hibob and WeWork, in...

Jun 14

Venue Location: The Royal College of General Practitioners' Headquarters. 30 Euston Square, Kings Cross, London NW1 2FB

You are invited to experience the Talent Rising Summit, an exclusive event for talent acquisition leaders who...

Jun 11

CogX London 2018: The Festival of All Things AI

Date: 11th-12th June 2018

Venue Location: The Tobacco Docks, London, E1W 2SF

CogX convenes 3,000 leaders from across all industry sectors to explore the...

Jun 06

When you hear hoof beats, it’s probably horses...but you never know when it might be a zebra.

Good pattern recognition allows you to make better decisions, short-circuit lengthy processes, avoid mistakes, and better...

May 23

The BTN brings you our latest VIP transformation event. This event is exclusively for C-suite and C-level Executives, Transformations Directors, Heads of Transformation and Senior Programme leaders. This event will allow you to...

May 17

The BTN is delighted to introduce our latest networking event, which will be held at the prestigious Royal Over-Seas League in Mayfair.

How do you attract the best people, retain them and ensure you have a diverse and inclusive workforce?

May 10

The BTN is proud to be partnering with In-House Recruitment LIVE! which will be hosted in Manchester for 2018.

Over 1000 senior In-House Recruitment and Talent Attraction professionals will join this must-attend event for the North West of...

May 03

The rate of change many organisation’s face today can leave their people feeling emotionally detached, demoralised and left behind. For a company to be truly successful it has to have the buy-in of its employees. Employee engagement plays a big part...

Apr 26

The Business Transformation Network is delighted to bring you our next VIP Executive event, which is exclusively for Change Directors and Heads of Communications. This event provides an opportunity to network with senior leaders...

Apr 19

The BTN, in partnership with Cielo, brings you our latest VIP event on workforce planning.

Strategic Workforce Planning is a topic that is high on the agenda in most Talent Acquisition functions - with organisations looking to prepare...

Apr 19

After the huge success of the Bristol Conference in 2017, the In-house Recruitment Network is excited to return to the South West for an exclusive full-day conference on the 19th April 2018.

Attendees will hear award-winning speakers from...

Apr 16

PEX Europe Spring the summit for European leaders involved in delivering truly efficient transformation and operational excellence. Catering to a wealth of industries and senior practitioners “PEX Europe” provides tangible case studies and peer-led...

Apr 12

Veranstaltungsort: Design Offices Arnulfpark, München

Phishing Mails, Malware, Spam - EMails stellen mit Abstand immer noch eines der größten Risiken für Unternehmensnetzwerke dar. Unternehmen und öffentliche Einrichtungen sind...

Apr 11

The BTN is delighted to partner with the 5th annual conference on HR Analytics, Workforce Planning and Employee Insight.

People Analytics World has become a prominent must-attend event for anyone in the world of data-driven HR.

Mar 22

The BTN is proud to partner with the 2018 Changeboard Futuretalent Conference.

With a top-class speaking roster which includes the likes of Lord Chris Holmes, Deborah Frances-White, Sir Lenny Henry & Alastair Campbell, the Changeboard's...

Mar 22

The AI & Robotics Events Directors’ Forums offer focused deep dives that investigate the impact on key business sectors and key business applications. From Business Transformation to Customer Engagement, these forums provide participants with the...

Mar 22

The BTN is delighted to bring you an event brought to you by Sage People in their offices in the Shard.

Mar 21

The BTN is proud to be in partnership with the London In-house Recruitment Conference which will revisit the Congress Centre in London this March.

In the ultimate learning & development day for In-house Recruiters, you will be the first to...

Mar 16

CONQA in partnership with Dale Carnegie present the London Leadership Summit - LEADERSHIP FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE

Take your career, team and business to the next level!


Mar 15

The Business Transformation Network and BERRY Professionals invites you to the 2nd Human-Centred Operational Excellence on 15th - 16th March 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Get insights into how centering your Operational Excellence around...

Mar 14

Time: 10am CST | 4pm GMT | 8pm GST

Cost: Free

The BTN brings you the first webinar of 2018 with a focus on your talent acquisition strategy and how to ensure you are planning for the future.

Mar 05

Do you consider yourself a Change Manager?
Are you working in an environment that is undergoing changes?
Would you like to understand how other seasoned experts see Revolutionary Change?

As part of the BTN's partnership with the '...

Feb 28

The BTN is delighted to bring you the latest event in partnership with Bob, the people HR platform.

In this digital age of constant distractions, it's gotten more difficult to stay focused and productive. Seriously, how can we expect to get...

Jan 25

In our first HR Analytics, Business Transformation Network, Roundtable Event in 2015 we discussed what skills are required to work in HR Analytics. Two and a half years later, how has this evolved and what roles will the world of Machine Learning...

Jan 25

High performing teams consistently show high levels of collaboration, innovation and deliver consistent results.

This event will be held in Reading, Berkshire.

Jan 24

High performing teams consistently show high levels of collaboration, innovation and deliver consistent results.

This event will be held in Chelmsford, Essex.

Jan 17

High performing teams consistently show high levels of collaboration, innovation and deliver consistent results.

This event will be held in Holborn, London.

Jan 17

Lisbon will be the centre of Learning & Development, 17-18 January 2018

The annual MERIT Summit is an exclusive event where more than 250 HR and executive education directors from across the world gather to discuss the...

Dec 07

Finding people who are in the right place, with the right skills, when they are needed is only possible with strategic sourcing decision and effective workforce planning.
What is the future of resourcing? How will technology play such a key part...

Dec 06

Marketing/Communications leaders from the world's best social media/tech brands - Facebook, Microsoft, Skype, Twitter - will share their growth stories and strategies with 'you' in mind!

This event is brought in partnership with In-Co, which is...

Nov 29

In this VIP BTN event at the Hospital Club, we ask the question whether a transformation that is led by the business function can co-exist with a group led transformation.

The overarching topics for the evening will cover:

  • How does...
Nov 28

The BTN is partnering with HR Congress to offer a 10% discount on a congress ticket using the code: BTN10.

The HR Congress 2017 is a must-attend event for Senior HR Leaders - on the mission of Designing and Building People Centric Organizations...

Nov 23

Getting your company culture right is integral to talent attraction, especially in such a competitive market. 

A recent survey conducted by hibob indicates that 41% of the working population in the UK have rejected a job offer because they didn...

Nov 23

AI & Robotics Directors’ Forum: Employee Engagement

Nov 21

Has Business Psychology shifted the goalposts?

Nov 09

The BTN will be hosting an exclusive VIP invite-only event on Thursday 9th November.

The agenda will focus on 3 key points:

  • HR Model 3.0? - Is there a need to stay away from the Ulrich model and is there a new HR model on the way?...
Nov 08

User Experience...The Customer Experience...Data and Analytics. How can these have a direct impact on improving the bottom line of business?

The BTN's latest international event is this time in the 'City of Technology', Stockholm.


Oct 26

How a new hire feels after their first day can have major implications for their long-term integration; up to 20% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days.

Focusing on a new employee’s first days, weeks, and months will lead to higher...

Oct 23

The BTN has partnered with Process Excellence Europe to offer our members a 15% discount on their upcoming event in Amsterdam using the code BTN15.

Process Excellence Europe is the only summit for European leaders...

Oct 17

In technical terms, psychometrics is an aspect of psychology that looks at the design, administration, and interpretation of quantitative tests so that specific psychological variables such as intelligence, aptitude, motivation and personality can be...

Oct 05

The BTN is hosting its next Technology event on Thursday, 5th October at the Design Offices in Munich. 

Rachel Simpson, UX Designer at Google, will be speaking about ‘The Next Billion Users’. The talk will look at some of the challenges...

Sep 28

Hosted at the Royal Over Seas League, Mayfair, London

(5 Park Pl, St. James's, London SW1A 1LR)

This free BTN event will be hosted by Anton Fishman (HR, OD, capability and culture specialist) and will...

Sep 28

In partnership with hibob and Kemp Little, The BTN brings you an event on how to scale a startup.

The topics of the evening will focus around:

  • What are the pitfalls facing growing startups?

  • ...
Sep 14

AI & Robotics THE MAIN EVENT is a high-octane conference 100% focused on business realities. No sci-fi and no future gazing, the event focuses on tangible actions and results – how AI and robotics is being applied in business today and the impact...

Jul 25

The BTN is partnering with the TechLawHub Meetup group to offer members the chance to attend a free meetup about Scaleups & Corporates.

The TechLawHub meetup will be hosted by Rhys Marc Photis, whose topic Scaleups &...

Jun 08

The next BTN event will be on Talent Acquisition at scale with a focus on employee value proposition and storytelling.

Your employer brand tells the world, including your active and passive candidates and what it’s like to work for your company...

Jun 06

The BTN is delighted to announce an event with HR guru, Dave Ulrich, on the 6th June at the University of Oxford.

Dave will focus on 'Why the War for Talent is Failing Your Organisation and What You Can Do About It?'.

For over 30 years,...

Apr 05

This event is hosted by Andrew Fox, Group Head of Learning & Talent Development at HSBC, and promises to be an enlightening and engaging event.

Andrew has a proven track record across delivering change and growth in complex, global...

Feb 02

On the 2nd February, the BTN will host a HR Transformation Network focused event on 'Activating Managers in the Workplace.

The focus will be around the huge potential benefits that can be seen when managers are offered the means to make sound,...

Jan 18

The BTN is partnering an event on Wednesday 18th at DAC Beachcroft - London City on attracting, retaining and developing top talent from school leavers, apprentices to experienced hires.

If you are interested in attending the skills forum,...

Nov 24

Led by James Ballard (Annapurna HR) & Dee Dee Doke (Editor of Recruiter Magazine), this is an event to facilitate a discussion on the subject of access.

Oct 20

On Thursday 20th October, the BTN is hosting an event on 'Shaping a Customer Experience Strategy in a Digital World'.

The event will be hosted by Mike Sturrock, CIO at DX Group, with the major discussions around:

  • The use of data to...
Oct 06

Topics of discussion will be: 

  • Does your HR function co-align with a data- driven business?
  • How to retain technology and millennial talent?
  • How do you stay agile in a fast-moving, disruptive and digital era?


Sep 28

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Attraction & Retention
  • Succession Planning
  • Building Soft Networks

We are delighted to announce that Helen Philpot (Director of Business Change at News UK) will be...

Sep 22

We are working and living in rapidly evolving times with new players erupting into every major sector. This fascinating evening will delve into John’s experience and how First Utility, his current company, are looking to disrupt the Energy sector....

Aug 02

The Technology Transformation Network is hosting their next event on Tuesday, 2nd August at the Design Offices in Munich. 

Hosted by strategy and innovation expert Daniel Egger, the topic of discussion for the evening will be "The Future of...

Jun 23

The topics we will be discussing are:

  • How do we Implement & Embed a True Data Culture?
  • What are the HR Analytics tools at the forefront of the market?
  • How can Analytics Contribute to the Operational, Strategic &...
Jun 09

 VIP event on Delivering Customer Centric Continuous Improvement, which will be attended by Director level transformation professionals from a number of FTSE organisations and alike. 

May 19

The Technology Transformation Network & Annapurna IT are hosting their next event on Thursday 19th May at the Annapurna IT offices, London.

Hosted by Tariq Rashid (Co-founder of the London Python Meetup Group), the topic of discussion for...

May 19

Discussion Topics

  • How can the HR Service TOM support an organisation with three generations of workforce?
  • How have we evolved the outsourcing model? How have quality/values driven measurements been implemented?
  • Cloud...
May 12

VIP HRIS Senior Leaders Event
12th May 2016
6.30pm - 8.30pm
The Hoxton Hotel, London. WC1V 7BD

Attendance is by invite only due to the VIP nature of this event.

Tim Ringo & Michael Baker are the guest speakers at...

Mar 17

Organisations across all business sectors seem to face reputational crisis every day. Some are an annoyance, while others can threaten their very survival. Matt will lead a discussion on how executive hubris forms in organisations, its role in causing...

Mar 17

Das Technologie Transformation Network veranstaltet ihr nächstes internationales Event zum Thema „Technische Innovation in der Industrie 4.0“, am Donnerstag, 17. März 2016 in München. 


Feb 04

After our previous extremely successful VIP events, the HR Transformation Network would like to introduce you to our VIP Resourcing event. As an important client, we would like to invite you to the

VIP senior resourcing event of the year. A...

Nov 25

The Technology Transformation Network & Annapurna IT are hosting their next event on Wednesday 25th November at the Traveltech Lab, London.

Hosted by Dan Hardiker (Chief Technical Officer at Ltd), the topic of discussion for...

Sep 30

'Many Roads Lead to Microservices'

The Technology Transformation Network was founded in January 2011 with the aim to promote the open discussion of Technology transformation thought leadership and connect people together interested in sharing...

Sep 03

On Thursday 3rd September, the Business Transformation Network & Ticketmaster will host a VIP invitation event on ‘Agile Project Management’. 
The event will be fronted by John McIntyre, Head of PMO/Projects at Ticketmaster, who has over 15...

Jul 07

On Tuesday 7th July Annapurna Change will host its third Thought Leadership Round Table event at the Soho Hotel, in the heart of vibrant London. 
Hosted by Tony McKenna, Global Transformation Director of GSK.

Apr 22

On Wednesday 22 April Annapurna Change will host its second Thought Leadership Round Table event at the iconic Hamyard Hotel.

The topic of discussion will be 'Where should a central change team sit and how does the organisational structure...

Oct 16

Our next TTN event will be held on the 16th October at the Royal Overseas League London.  We will have a guest presentation and workshop delivered by Peter Thomas, Director at Thomas Technology Associates Ltd and Debbie Evans, Director at Bank of...

Sep 24

We are looking forward to hosting next event focusing on "Managing and delivering change across different geographical locations" on the 24th September 2014. To secure your place please email your contact on the Change team. 

Jul 16

When: 16th July 2014, 6pm - 8pm
Where: The Haymarket Hotel, 1 Suffolk Place, London, SW1Y 4HX
What: Russ Miles, founder of Simplicity Itself will be chairing this event.  Discussion points include:

- How do you encourage innovation...

Jun 11

Wednesday 11th June 2014, 6pm - 8pm
The Soho Hotel, 4 Richmond Mews, London W1D 3HD

A round table event exploring ideas to 'Drive Change Through Learning Technologies'.  To focus the evening's discussion, we will start by sharing &...

Jun 03

Tuesday 3rd June, 6pm - 8pm
The Haymarket Hotel, 1 Suffolk Place, London SW1Y 4HX

Ted Smith, former VP in Human Resources for GSK and current Group HR Director for The Medical Research Council will be the Chair at next week's HRTN round...

May 14

The HRTN and Annapurna HR invite you to the next round table event focusing on 'Bridging the Generational Gap'. The bullet points below will help focus the evening's conversations:.

• Challenges of Managing Multiple Generations


Apr 01

The TTN, in conjunction with Sonoport, are hosting a free workshop to introduce new sound technology that results in greater user engagement and significantly higher ROI for developers.

To find out more, go to the EVENTS page or email...

Mar 11

Tuesday 11th March at the Soho Hotel.

Topics include:

What is Change Fatigue?

How to measure Change Fatigue

How to mitigate Change Fatigue

Nov 20

On Wednesday 20th November, Annapurna will hold a VIP Resourcing Event to book-end our Future of Resourcing Series at the Andaz Studio on Liverpool Street.  

The event will be chaired by DeeDee Doke, Editor of Recruiter Magazine and a panel...

Nov 10

Our latest event is a specialist HRTN Reward event, chaired by Jeff Bakes, Reward Director at PwC.  

It will be held at the Haymarket Hotel on Thursday 7th November.  

Jun 27

The next FREE, TTN event, is scheduled for 6pm on Thursday 27th June at The Brewery, London.  For a preview of the event, please watch the video!

To attend this FREE event, please email our Events Manager Sophie on...

Apr 25

The Hospital Club in London on 25th April. 

Mar 21

The Business Transformation Network is delighted to bring you the next VIP Executive event, aimed exclusively at Heads of Change & Change Directors. This event provides an opportunity to network with senior leaders across your...

Apr 01

Arming leaders with the latest approaches to putting OPEX in the driving seat for a digitally-enabled business. Business improvement leaders are finding themselves at cross-roads as companies pour money into digitalisation initiatives in a bid to...

Apr 03

The BTN is delighted to partner once again with the CMI (Change Management Institute) for their next event, a workshop style discussion presented by Alexia Della Valle from Steps and Anita Day from Worcestershire...

Apr 03

The BTN is proud to present our next event, in partnership with Cielo, for our HR Director, Head of Resourcing and Head of Talent Acquisition audience.

Glassdoor has reported the growing need for tech hiring in “non-tech” industries with...

Apr 11

When going through a digital transformation, the importance lies with whether all of your digital tools and assets are leveraged to the fullest extent.

According to a...

May 01

In a world where your talent is key to success, how do you ensure the talent you are hiring will be a good fit for the role?

This exclusive VIP event is for HR Directors and Senior HR Professionals

Can you hire the best talent for your...

Jun 06

Change is constant.

As part of the BTN's partnership with Cielo, we bring you the 2019 Talent Acquisition Summit.

Jun 12

The BTN is delighted to partner once again with the CMI (Change Management Institute) for their next event on why senior stakeholders are so crucial to the success of change initiatives.

In every change initiative, most people leading change...

Nov 18

The Excellence in Leadership (EiL) summit is brought to you by The Business Transformation Network. In 2018, we hosted our first 2-day summit on the importance of leadership in becoming a high-performance organisation.

2019’s conference will...