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Annapurna Recruitment

Annapurna Recruitment is an HR, IT & Business Change recruitment company with the vision of becoming the world's leading responsible search firm. They are an innovative and multi-award winning recruitment agency based in London and Munich, operating in the UK, DACH region and nordic countries.



Bob Rehill & Associates

Bob Rehill & Associates is a managed network of trusted and impartial independent consultants providing clients with advice and delivery expertise on HR Transformation, and HR Technology implementations. With Global coverage, Bob and his Associate network really are an alternative way of bringing in the right resources, ranging from Programme Directors to Business Analysts, helping clients succeed from Vison & RFP to Change & Delivery.



Corporate Partners

    Association for Business Psychology

The Association for Business Psychology was established in 2000, with the sole purpose of championing business psychology. The ABP seek to support the education and development of their members and the wider community in the study and practice of Business Psychology.


    Change Pace Consulting

ChangePace Consulting Ltd is a consulting and coaching company dedicated to transforming clients capability to align, deliver and improve business performance. Our work synthesises conventional engineering-based improvement methods with more contemporary people-centered interventions. This results in higher engagement and commitment to change when compared to more conventional methods that, at best, deliver compliance. Change is at the core of everything we do, change that is set at the right pace. Delivery of effective change is the difference, we believe, that makes the difference in a high performing organisation.



We’re consultants. We’re analysts. We’re technologists. We’re Concentra – a different kind of analytics company. Industry-to-industry, business-to-business, data is changing the nature of competition. Information is infinite. Potential is everywhere. To get an edge, organisations need to be able to understand their data, react to it and act on it. Every second of every day. That’s why we’re committed to making tools, not just giving advice. Our team is a unique. Comprised of industry-leading management consultants, analysts and technologists we understand complex business problems, define original solutions and craft tools that improve business performance. We create lasting value for our clients by putting the power in their hands. The power to speed up analysis, create faster and more comprehensive insight, and hone operations. We craft extraordinary tools. Our clients get the analytics edge.



Hinterview is the world’s leading video interview platform which was built with the sole aim of aiding the recruitment process from both a recruiter side and end client side. 

Reduce the time to hire, reduce candidate travel times and costs, evaluate cultural fit at the CV stage of the process, connect with the best talent around the world and reduce costs associated with using high-level executives time for interviews.




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