Agile Capability Lead - Transformation

Agile Capability Lead - Transformation
Recruiter Sainsbury's
Type Permanent
  • UK
  • London
Salary/rate £ Negotiable
Posted 5th February 2018
Industry Retail

As an Agile Capability Leader at Sainsbury’s you will work with leaders and teams in the business to use Agile ways of working as a strategic asset for generating consistent and reliable business value, which will a include a mind-set shift around delivery pace.

An Agile Capability Leader is likely to be an Agile Coach who has deep experience of Agile coaching across all levels of an organisation. This means that you will have coached many different teams, in many different organisations and across multiple business domains or verticals. You are a continual learner with an entrepreneurial, lean enterprise mind-set who strives for mastery and thrives in an environment which puts the customer at the heard of any change. You will along your agile journey have gained additional skills in such things as: managing teams, organisational development, culture change, and change management.

The word energy comes to mind. You will need it as we’re seeking someone who is passionate about helping the organisation stretch its thinking and inspire change. 

What I need to do

  • Work with leaders and teams in the business to instil agile ways of working as a strategic asset for generating consistent and reliable business value 
  • Coach work stream leaders and teams in their role as Product Owners and Scrum Masters
  • Coach the team towards an agile mind-set 
  • The Scrum Master role is our key delivery vehicle for agile practices, and building strong working relationships with that
  • Keep the organisation honest with respect to the food transformation principles
  • Help the organisation apply Lean start up build, measure, learn principles to drive experiments and drive decision making
  • Encourage transparency
  • Provide assurance around the pace of change, and the new ways of working
  • Facilitate backlog creation, prioritisation, and refinement
  • Facilitate the practical application of various strategic and tactical techniques such as:
  • Impact Mapping, Value Stream Mapping, Story Mapping, Visual Management, Toyota Improvement Kata
  • Exhibit a deep passion for continuous learning and seek to provide knowledge gained throughout the entire organisation beyond the teams and facilitate classes, workshops and other sharing events such as Meatus, Open Space etc.
  • Identify and provide training for the required agile roles & frameworks
  • Harvest good practices and content that adds to the JS agile took kit
  • Participate and contribute to various JS communities of practice
  • Encourage a culture of openness and transparency and one of "Go See" to really understand what is going on 


How I will succeed

  • Be a true servant leader
  • Being able to translate agile practices into an enterprise environment – not just software development
  • Brilliant communication and generating impact through positive influence
  • Maintaining a high standard of attention to detail with clarity of communication.
  • Stay calm under pressure while giving clear direction in our fast moving environment


What I need to know

  • Have demonstrable experience in the design, development, and implementation of Agile transformation strategy
  • Have a solid background in Agile (e.g. Scrum, Kanban Method, Lean, System thinking) for all types of teams, not just software development
  • Understand both flow- iteration- based approaches and and when they should be used
  • Experience over certification (Certificates do not really do it for us however if you have relevant agile qualifications, for example, Certified Product Owner and training, that does show us that you are into learning)
  • Have deep knowledge & experience of Agile teachings, approaches and behaviours and be capable of helping teams and the wider organization to address the dysfunctions that may result from teams misinterpreting, ignoring or rejecting Lean and Agile values and principles
  • Have significant experience in coaching and mentoring Program, Portfolio, and Value Stream teams, and in optimizing organization team structure
  • Have experience scaling agile across large and diverse teams with a working knowledge of scaling frameworks, for example, LeSS, SaFE,
  • Have a strong understanding and ability to articulate the business value of specific Agile practices
  • Facilitation, training Have a rich set of and coaching tools and models


What I need to show

  • Be a great communicator- You will be working with a diverse community of people with various styles of communication. We are looking for people who are dynamic, articulate & confident to interact, engage and challenge.
  • Be a good listener – Hearing and understanding the needs of colleagues is a vital part of your role.
  • Be open and humble. Courageously, persistently and patiently propose change
  • Have a relentless desire to improve – Enthusiastic, curious and self-motivated. 
  • Enjoy working with colleagues and getting the best out of them.


Resources available to me

  • Head of Transformation Capability 
  • Workstream Lead 
  • Matrix team of SMEs, Transformation Delivery managers/support 
  • Agile coaches across D&T