HR Technology: The Adoption Cycle… and Beyond!

HR Technology: The Adoption Cycle… and Beyond!
Tuesday, 23 February, 2021 - 16:00 to 17:30

The BTN is delighted to be partnering with Anchorstone for our latest virtual roundtable, which will focus on HR Technology and the value of an effective adoption strategy from the moment an HR vision has been set.

70% of Transformations fail through lack of sponsorship and early planning.

Today’s HR Cloud technology requires you to focus on employee experience and the impact on your organisation from the moment you decide a change in your HR technology is needed. The real value comes from preparing your organisation for the changes it will drive. To maximise these benefits you need to focus on how to adapt to the changing environment.​

The session will be a chance for those at the forefront of HR Transformation projects to engage with fellow leaders. The aim is for a collaborative discussion on how to get buy-in from stakeholders from the start and drive adoption behaviours at every stage of the transformation, from implementation to go-live and beyond. The conversation will follow the below points:

  • What value does adoption drive in a successful transformation project?

  • Why is understanding your organisations' culture & talent so important for effective adoption?

  • How can the power of technology and AI be utilised in maximising adoption?

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