How secure is cloud technology?

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How secure is cloud technology?

Hello everyone,

In light of recent events I am very keen to discuss 'How secure is cloud technology?'

Please share you thoughts on: What platforms you have used? Have they been Public, Private or Hybrid cloud platforms? How can cloud platforms be made more secure? 

Mark Fowlis
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There is still a lingering concern about Cloud security being a "shared platform", however if recent events have highlighted anything, it is that any system (On-premise or Cloud) can potentially be insecure and compromised. Often it is the EUC device that is compromised which then provides a means to the data in the system itself.

Cloud solutions have matured a lot along with a much greater range of security options and add-ons. The answer (IMHO) is to design a high-quality secure system / architecture first and then find a particular platform that can deliver than system without compromising the security, rather than trying to fit security to a platform with limitations. If Cloud providers cannot yet deliver that, then consider Hybrid or On-premise if the limitations cannot be mitigated.

Cloud systems (as per On-premise) can be made more secure by good multitiered security architecture design, anticipating threat vectors, minimising routes of entry to just those needed and limiting what connections can do to just that necessary. Taking a data "need to know" (authorised access) approach to reduce risk. Finally making sure systems are patched and penetration tested regularly.

Appreciate this answer may be a bit broad for some who are hoping for specific platforms or products, but really that depends on the particular solution/application, requirements, standards and even budget you are working to. There are few one-size-fits-all answers in IT, particularly when it comes to security.