ERUPT Munich: Future of Travel Tech

ERUPT Munich: Future of Travel Tech
Thursday, 7 November, 2019 - 18:00 to 20:00

The BTN is delighted to bring you our next event based in Munich, which will be in partnership with Holiday Extras. 

The event will be hosted by Gregor Schröder (Head of IT and Operations at Holiday Extras) and will look at the future of travel technology.

Travel has changed rapidly over the past few years, with the evolution of how people book flights to finding hotels, to how you book restaurants to now you navigate around the city you are visiting. 

How is the evolving technology space likely to impact the travel space? VR will allow you to experience locations before you arrive. Voice commands will allow you to book a holiday completely hands-free. AI and social media are already influencing you when it comes to figuring out what components you are likely to want in your holiday and what experiences would be perfect for you. Technology will inevitably get cleverer and more intuitive to your needs and this is likely to only impact on a more positive holiday experience.

Our expert guest speakers will be:

  • Simon Wood (Associate Director Engineering at Holiday Extras) - Future of Travel Tech
  • Rebecca Vickery (Data Scientist at Holiday Extras) - Scaling Machine Learning at Holiday Extras
  • Oliver Rumbelow (Tech Lead at Holiday Extras) - Cultivating a Microservice Culture via Tooling

Simply fill in the form below and someone from the BTN team will be in touch.

Location: Holiday Extras, Aidenbachstrasse 52, 81379 Munich. Ground floor

Price: Free