The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Yesterday we hosted an event with Anton Fishman on "Fourth Industrial Revolution Series: The Impact of AI and Deep Learning on Organisations and The Future of Work". After going home and thinking about it, have you got any further questions for Anton that weren't quite answered?

Anton mentioned many points, including that AI may just be another form of diversity, and the realistic potential for the 'Internet of Eyes' becoming a standard.

What were your thoughts on the event and topics discussed?

What do you see as being the biggest opportunities and threats that could come from the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'?

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A few days on from the workshop I'd be interested to know if anyone has started talking to colleagues about issues raised and in particular considered what the HR function in particular could do. You may not have noticed but I added an extra slide at the end of the presentation shared with you with my thoughts on next steps for HR, Anton

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After reflecting on the presentation I am interested in how business can be more proactive in considering the affect of AI. For example I would be keen to understand what are the top three mundane tasks that business functions would like to have replaced/automated. Recognising this appetite for change may help shape the change management agenda and help an organisation engage more effectively with technological advances.