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Back in April 2016, only 15% of UK voters picked Jeremy Corbyn as the best leader for this country, fast forward just over a year and that number h
Employee silence occurs when employees make conscious decisions to not provide information, opinions and feedback, raise issues or make suggestions
In my previous series of articles, I addressed the urgency and desire for organisations to address enhancing Employee Experience in a bid to rapidl
The growth and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be likened to the opening of Pandora’s pithos (which translates to a jar and not a 
Episode 2/9: Capturing Change Impacts
From the job centre through to the career coach, consultants who barely know a candidate write their CV, puff their responsibilities, inflate their
What would happen if people really cared about HR?
I had the pleasure of speaking at DisruptHR London recently, and posed the question - what if people cared about HR?
The environment in which your organisation is operating has become increasingly competitive, dynamic and uncertain.
Mental health at work should matter to all of us. It shouldn’t be seen as something that stops when we leave our home to go to work.
There is a lot of content created around Operational Excellence and its companion disciplines – including; Leadership, Lean, Six-Sigma, Theory of C
Part 3/5 - Enter Employee Experience Design as a solution to the chasm of our current challenges…  
Part 2/5 - What is the Problem Statement?  According to several credible employee engagement studies, one in particular sponsored
Part 1/5  - Sounds like some sort of a media driven grudge match between two heavyweight prize fighters?  It is – based in large m
Episode 1/9: The Change Framework “Blueprint for Success”
There has been a lot written lately of the “Gig Economy” – the notion that, in the future of earning a living, there will no longer be jobs, just w
The world is moving fast!
In both small and medium-sized enterprises, and sometimes even the larger corporates, the run the business (RTB) and change the business (CTB) func
“If we understand what the technology is capable of, we will be in a better place to tell you how our organisation can leverage it” – says one busi
As part of The BTN's partnership with HR Congress, we bring you a fascinating webinar from Tamra Chandler, CEO/Founder of Peoplefirm, on Performanc
Like you, I get jaded reading loads of articles daily that seem to collectively spew forth a litany of marketing jargon that boggles the mind.
As one of the BTN's partners, we are delighted to showcase the work of great companies doing great work.
Social, political, technological and economic conditions may never in recent history have been as influx as they are today.
With the triggering of Article 50 occurring on 29th March 2017, the vast majority of companies, both international and UK registered, co
The BTN has partnered with the UX Conference to offer an exclusive discount for our members.
Every leader has a strategy.
Amongst others, the written CV, the email, and then Linkedin, all disrupted recruitment methodology and process.
On the evening of the 19th October, there was a gathering of CIO’s and other senior technology executives at a hotel in Soho to discuss
Pitfalls to avoid and IT project delivery best practice to improve the chances of successful management of IT investments
On the 9th of June, The Business Transformation Network held a VIP event on Delivering Customer Centric Continuous Improvement, which was attended
On April 21st, The Business Transformation Network held a VIP event on Mergers & Acquisitions which was attended by board level and senior mana
Teaser Series by Andrew Fox Group Head of Learning and Talent Development at HSBC
Das Technology Transformation Network veranstaltete letzte Woche ein Event in München zum Thema “Technische Innovation in der Industrie 4.0”, in de
Bio - Leonard Warren
Following on from the Technology Transformation Network’s first international event in Berlin hosted by Eberhart Wolff about ‘Many Roads Lead to Mi
Great beer, great talk, great conversation: Food for thought on Microservices in the Inaugural TTN event in Berlin
Thursday 15th October - Haymarket Hotel, London Digital Transformation: Shaping your Strategy
Teaser Series by Andrew Fox Head of HR for Global Functions, Technology and Services at HSBC
On Thursday 3rd September, the Business Transformation Network & Ticketmaster hosted a VIP invitation event on ‘Agile Project Management’. 
Teaser Series by Andrew Fox Head of HR for Global Functions, Technology and Services at HSBC
On Tuesday 7th July Annapurna Change hosted its third Thought Leadership Round Table event at the Soho Hotel, in the heart of vibrant London.