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It is virtually impossible nowadays to have a 10-minute business conversation without the words “digital transformation” coming up.
Agile shines a light on dysfunction.  Once the dysfunction is exposed, you have 2 options:  1) fix it or 2) sweep it back under the rug.
Over the last few weeks I have been finessing a lot of presentations; one for a team building session I hosted in London, another for the upcoming
There was a time for many businesses and other organisations, when the essence of good practice was to develop a way of doing things, get good at d
I’m hearing a lot of discussion at present about resilience to change and how to develop it at individual through to organisational level.
In part 2 of this exclusive video series, Bryan Robertson discusses the requirement of continuous improvement within an organisation, highlighting
In part 1 of this exclusive video series, Bryan Robertson discusses how to create a culture of continuous improvement within an organisation.
I have been meaning to tackle this issue for some while now because I have to admit that I do not fully comprehend the concept “organisational cult
In this exclusive video, Jo Franco-Wheeler (Business Transformation Director at Inmarsat) discusses managing business change in the lead up to her
Delivering change is almost an art-form, and done well, can see the difference between a successful anti-climax that delivers real business value a
Seems kind of obvious right? I was having a drink with an old friend who is a project manager and I mentioned change management.
I would imagine that the majority of us when we were kids had a Lego set bought for us and of course, Lego is still around today … what a great suc
In this exclusive video, Rodica Pirau (Strategic Change Lead at Nordea Bank) discusses the development of ChangeLabs in the lead up to her talk at
Is your organisation facing constant change with multiple initiatives happening at once?
In this exclusive video, Julian Holmes (Principal at ThoughtWorks) discusses how to establish business agility in the lead up to his talk at
In this exclusive video, Jo Biggin (Transformation Business Change Lead at Vodafone Business) discusses the combination of business change and agil
In this exclusive video, Jason Bloomberg (President of Intellyx) discusses digital transformation for the future in the lead up to his talk at
Most organisational changes fail due to people blocking the change implementation, but change is sustainable and achievable if it is supported by t
Connections are a common point of failure in organizations.
The right strategy will make your fortune just as the wrong strategy will inevitably kill your business, whatever it is, stone dead.
Transformation programmes are frequently reported as failing and changes being rejected, but is there a way to ensure that your transformation prog
I spend most of my days with large digital focused organisations.
There is a huge battle for talent in the workplace today.
Business leaders are always on the lookout for ways to increase productivity and profits by employing not just the best people, but also the best s
In this exclusive highlight video following our partner, The Change Management Institute's event "New Habits That Last: Organisational and Personal
In many of the places that I have worked, both as a consultant and as a part of a product delivery team, it is usually a case of keeping the Enterp
Beyond the obvious reasons why alignment is sensible, for me alignment was critical in order to promote speed.
Lean Startup and Design Thinking are two complementary principles that can be used in the process of creating and building new businesses, products
Recently, I have undertaken a number of roles as an Agile Engagement Lead, working with large corporates as they began the journey of migrating the
In this exclusive video, Suzie Lewis (Managing Director of Transform for Value) discusses putting the human back into digital through management.
Have you ever had a boss who rejected your idea?  What can you do about it? Pretty much nothing.
In order to organise my own ideas, I realised it would be helpful to have a clear vision for what I wanted to achieve, together with measurable out
2018 has been a great year for The BTN...