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It´s not only about female empowerment, but also about the quality of our software to solve problems.
By Kelly White, Founder, RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company
It is not rare for OT Security to end up in some form of organisational no-man’s-land
Within a digitally competitive environment, IT systems and applications need to be as advanced, updated, and secure as possible.
Introduction: The Legal sector at present
As we enter year three of the COVID-19 pandemic, applicant flow remains one of the biggest problems for hiring managers.
Every conversation between your team and your customer's matters.
The pandemic undoubtedly brought eCommerce to the top of many companies’ priority lists.
A 2021 study by Gartner found that 88%
By Daniel Berman (Product Marketing Director at
In today’s job market, candidate experience has to be top of mind for hiring managers.
There are real issues in the security operations space but buying more tools won’t help
BACKGROUND The client is one of the world’s pre-eminent law firms headquartered in London.
Analyzing three ways AI can help insurers weave empathy into the fabric of their enterprises.
The new normal consists of cloud and device insecurity. Did you know that nearly 70% of respondents said their fi
“Process and People first, THEN Technology” will always be at the heart of the winning formula here
The way that businesses operate has accelerated not due to technology itself but due to the evolving digital demands being needed by their customer
There will always be one certainty during these uncertain times…Investing in 
Hey friends, we’ve got some news for you.
It’s a brand new year which can only mean one thing… it’s time to learn some new skills! 
Gathering, understanding, and using customer data is back on the priority list for brands.
Time to move away from bottom-up dynamics: The Board should decide on priorities and drive the discussion
The BTN was recently delighted to partner with Snyk, a developer security platform for securing code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure
The BTN was recently delighted to partner again with a1qa for a VIP round table for executive technology leaders who are championing the use of tes
CISOs being asked those questions should look beyond the topic itself and face the underlying issues it might
Security culture and governance eat tech for breakfast
The digital landscape has rapidly scaled at an unexpected rate over the past 18 months and organisations that don't have a digital CX (customer exp
In the third part of this series, in partnership with Engine Group, with Sol Enenmoh (Head of Di
In the second part of this series, in partnership with Engine Group, with Sol Enenmoh (Head of D
As we continue this fascinating series in partnership with Engine Group, arou
A few big hacks in the US and everybody is talking about ransomware again… Time for a few hard truths 
The BTN recently hosted an exclusive roundtable discussion with a1qa, an independent software q
In the second part of this series, in partnership with Engine, with James Coughlan (Digital Tr