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One of the more subtle challenges for people who want to be great managers is the need to balance two things that are apparently in opposition with
We're ending the decade with a change to our 'Contributor of the Year' system, transitioning to "The BTN 10" as the gold standard of recognition of
When James Cameron, world famous movie director, was starting the revolutionary AVATAR movie project he had t–shirts made up for his crew, with the
Gerry discusses how the automation of HR and recruitment could improve the efficiency level throughout organisations, focusing specifically on empl
Bob discussed some of the challenges facing organisations at the moment when it comes to anticipating the future of work, focusing on the importanc
How do we get there?  There can be much to consider under each key step in a sustainability transformation roadmap but we will keep to a high-level
In part 3 of this exclusive video series with Jonathan Krogdahl, in partnership with Sevenstep, looks at what it means for talent acquisition to be
Imagine you’ve bought an Ikea chest of drawers.  You’ve wrestled the flatpack into the car, out of the car and up the stairs.  You’ve now got it in
So much seems to be written about culture, and its importance, and the role leaders play in creating it.  And yet in my personal experience CEO’s a
In an ever-changing world of work, being impacted by a multitude of external influences, hiring sits at the focal point of the success and growth o
Amanda discusses the 4 main areas and changes that Sage People have implemented to put colleagues at the heart of the company.
So you are a new manager, and you want to do a good job so you’ve followed all the guidance that you can find.
Rafael speaks about how organisations can change their way of thinking and build an eco-system for effective collaboration, in partnership with Org
In an organization, people and their skill sets may start to blend together. So how do you spot a great leader?
Diversity and Inclusion is one of the hottest topics of 2019. In the past couple of years, diversity has become a business-critical issue.
How to use free-text data to get inside the heads and hearts of employees.
The Business Transformation Network recently hosted an event on "Recruitment 4.0 - Automation and AI: Walk Before You Run”, at the Bloomsb
We've all seen the losses and failures of athletes and our favourite sporting teams when there's pressure on them to win a match or game or become
The second, and arguably most important half, lies in building and maintaining a highly-effective team.
In her pioneering work in 1999, Amy Edmondson identified the concept of Psychological Safety - a shared belief that the team is safe for interperso
There is no doubt education is next in line, in particular, higher education and professional development.
Traditional metrics prove that you were right.  But how do you know when you’re wrong?
In part 2 of this exclusive video series with Jonathan Krogdahl, in partnership with Sevenstep, looking at what it means for Talent Acquisition to
In part 1 of this exclusive video series, Erkan Kasap (Interim Head of Engineering at Ottonova & Founder at thecoachpunk) discusses how larger
My experience pitching disruptive ideas to multinational organisations started long before I became a producer of enterprise software looking to co
The demands of the new digital landscape aka Recruitment 4.0, unearthed a new series of challenges that HR professionals must overcome.
Sevenstep is always so pleased to be recognized along with other great providers and leaders within the industry.
How many times do we see: “People don’t leave companies’ they leave bad bosses” as a ‘heading’ on LinkedIn articles? In my opinion people leave org