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Emerging technologies are changing the way companies recruit.
Despite all of the positive aspects that other people were reporting, it wasn’t easy to make the transition because all of us are used to working f
We conducted a Q&A interview with Martin Kirke, Coach, Non-Exec Director, Consultant on HR, D&I and Change, around leaders, and how they ca
The Leadership Development Programme was created after years of successful interventions in many organisations, and in various sectors around the w
The Business Transformation Network recently hosted an event on "Innovation in Reward" at the Andaz Studio in London. 
Harvey Francis (Group HR Director & Executive VP at Skanska) spoke at our Excellence in Leadership (EiL) conference in October 2018 on "The onl
Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they’re telling you, and realize and control how your emotions af
A study conducted by Gallup in 2011 revealed that the cost of employee disengagement was estimated at $350 billion in the US.
We’ve all heard the popular saying, “actions speak louder than words.” And nothing could be more accurate when it comes to increasing employee enga
Dignity is intrinsic to being human, to be valued and respected equally. Categorising individuals or groups as nonequivalent stakeholders, bruises
In the past 3-4 weeks, I met some top management executives and 2 CEOs.
Martin Blackburn (UK People Director at KPMG) spoke at our Excellence in Leadership (EiL) conference in October 2018 on "Enhancing your Employee En
For many bosses, the employee’s transition to negativity comes for no apparent reason.
I learned about the concept of Muri at Toyota. 
The biggest challenge facing HR today is around the number of roles HR plays and the way in which it can easily fall into a 'Jack of all trades'.
Recently, I had the pleasure of delivering a workshop for the ICSA conference in London. 
Social media is littered with beautiful photos of happy people doing wonderful things. The pursuit of happiness has become a catchcry.
Digital innovations and advancements in technology have led to many organisations creating software or processes to filter out bias.
We have never stopped evolving and we must never!
Regardless of how many organisations espouse a core value of integrity (e.g.
The Business Transformation Network recently hosted an event on ‘Taking the ‘Un’ Out of ‘Uncertainty’: How Talent Acquisition Can Thrive in a World
Following my recent article about why performance manag
It’s going to happen. There will be conflict!
We’re all creatures of habit – it’s human nature.
The fact that you are here today reading this, is proof that (at various stages throughout your life) significant people helped guide you along the
When engagement is a key component of a company’s approach to success, it can deliver high value to business and people-related objectives—from fin
Graeme Whippy (Disability Specialist at Channel 4) spoke in a panel at our Excellence in Leadership (EiL) conference in October 2018 on "Hiring for
Everywhere I look nowadays I see something about stress and reducing stress.  When my doctor inquired about my stress level, he seems shocked when
As one of the most globally recognized brands in the world, this client had challenges within one of its biggest hiring profit centers in Sales.
Satisfied employees are merely content and may do as little as possible. Engaged employees are motivated to do more!
Is your workplace chronically chaotic, a ferocious place riven with conflict? Is it a command and control environment, threatening
Terri Simpkin (CEO at Mischief Business Engineering) spoke in a panel at our Excellence in Leadership (EiL) conference in October 2018 on "Hiring f
We have talked about being of service in prior posts, today I want to take it a step further and talk about seeing the system.  For our techie frie
We all know that applying for a new job can be a frustrating and drawn out process, with a lack of response to hundreds of applications based on a
Ever feel like you’re so busy that you can’t get anything actually done?
Without timely and tangible action, an employee survey, suggestion box or other (so-called) engagement undertaking is ...
To be a competent-leader, you need great management-capabilities as well as outstanding attitudes and consistent-behaviours.
Judy Greevy (Director at Greevy Associates) spoke in a panel at our Excellence in Leadership (EiL) conference in October 2018 on "Hiring for Divers
I’ve been receiving a series of emails lately from a highly regarded organization with the subject line
When Netflix, Adobe, and Google refused to do annual performance reviews of its associates, HR traditionalists dismissed it as a fashionable trend