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Change has fast become the one constant in businesses today, but can there be a point when too much change is no longer good for business?
Agile is a word always on the lips of digital business leaders.  It’s the way to be if you are working in digital and has set the popular standard
Anyone with a little bit of experience in business has heard of the Pareto (or 80/20) “rule.” And this principle drives how organizations are targe
In this exclusive video for The BTN, Nick Kemp discusses how change and transformation can be difficult for organisations to implement successfully
Much has been written about current middle management roles becoming increasingly irrelevant,ANZ's Digital Chief Maile Carnegie a
Bill Burton from Dale Carnegie discusses how to overcome resistance to change within the organisation.
Over the last few months' we’ve seen the likes of retailers such as NEXT and Tesco scale back their growing empires.  Where they had started to sel
Chris Forbes: My partner Julie Chen, had identified that finding a green product that helped the environment would be important to
This week, the Business Transformation Network brings you a selection of current topics from the world of Process, from agile transformat
People, Process and Technology are three pillars of change management. In this blog, I am going to look at the process side of change management.
In 2012, the renowned management guru and business book author Steve Denning wrote an article entitled “
A FTSE 250 company we worked with, was passionate about developing a culture of continuous improvement.
Business today is facing massive disruption, thus we are experiencing more revolutionary change than previously, and change management needs to ada
A collective silence about leadership problems that are in plain sight arises when no-one dares to be the one who speaks the truth to the leader.
As the lyric of the chart-topping Spice Girls hit reminds us, it’s good to focus on what you want but how often in life have you experienced a slig
In this exclusive video for the BTN, Michael Fekete discusses change management and people, and how the combination of the two can result in a sust
“…in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
Recently I shared my six principles of delivering ch
Last month, you learned about the award-winning change management pro
As a follow-up from my last article - where I shared thoughts on one of the key differentiators for the businesses of tomorrow being the ability fo
Being agile and adaptive in today's age of ecosystems and accelerated change has seen a shift in what transformations of legacy organisations look
Previously, I have shared my six principles of deliv
I can't recall who said it, or where I heard it, but it has resonated with me for a while now, providing the inspiration for the first article in t
I once pitched an Operational Excellence programme to the top team of the company I was working for at the time.
Complexity as the enemy is a popular catch cry.
A few years ago someone told me about a frustrating experience they’d had attending a Lean Six Sigma workshop.
If you’ve been in the world of change and transformation for very long, you’ve probably, at some point, been on a course about ‘dealing with diffic
We don't say breakthroughs in science are disruptions to the diagnosis and treatment of terminal illnesses, so why call revolutions in the operatio
Delivering a customer-centric operating model and building a culture of continuous improvement are key aims in today’s fast-evolving business world
How I learned to lead a creative force within.
The big changes happening around us provide opportunity for a better way of clarifying responsibility.
Whilst your organisation has been successfully growing the business, are the controls and processes that were originally implemented, still fit for
Organisations can be agile without implementing Agile delivery and work models, and why agility doesn't equal adaptiveness.
Innovation..why is it of such importance how can businesses foster it?
Cutting corners is nothing new, yet many companies continue to try and save money at any cost, without really considering the risk.
Season's Greetings from The BTN!
“Implementing change is the journey, sustaining change is the destination”
As change facilitators and leaders, most of us have seen that it’s helpful to have a change plan, and to follow some kind of framework or change mo
“Creating and executing the recipe for change”