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‘How does the internet work?’ Is a question that defies a simple, short answer… ‘Because it does…’ may not satisfy the more inquisitive… a lesson I
One of the more subtle challenges for people who want to be great managers is the need to balance two things that are apparently in opposition with
We're ending the decade with a change to our 'Contributor of the Year' system, transitioning to "The BTN 10" as the gold standard of recognition of
When James Cameron, world famous movie director, was starting the revolutionary AVATAR movie project he had t–shirts made up for his crew, with the
In this exclusive video in partnership with Agile Business Conference, Daniel Terhorst-North (Pr
I have a pretty good change network.
Gerry discusses how the automation of HR and recruitment could improve the efficiency level throughout organisations, focusing specifically on empl
Bob discussed some of the challenges facing organisations at the moment when it comes to anticipating the future of work, focusing on the importanc
How do we get there?  There can be much to consider under each key step in a sustainability transformation roadmap but we will keep to a high-level
Replying to emails on-the-go, BYOD strategies and remote working can make it harder than ever for organisations to keep tabs on their employee's ne
In part 3 of this exclusive video series with Jonathan Krogdahl, in partnership with Sevenstep, looks at what it means for talent acquisition to be
As we reach one of the high points of each year’s conference season, one has to reflect once more on the staggering number of products and vendors
It’s hard to imagine the business world today without PowerPoint.
Imagine you’ve bought an Ikea chest of drawers.  You’ve wrestled the flatpack into the car, out of the car and up the stairs.  You’ve now got it in
In part 2 of this exclusive video series, Erkan Kasap (Interim Head of Engineering at Ottonova & Founder at thecoachpunk) looks at what compani
So much seems to be written about culture, and its importance, and the role leaders play in creating it.  And yet in my personal experience CEO’s a
In an ever-changing world of work, being impacted by a multitude of external influences, hiring sits at the focal point of the success and growth o
In discussions with our partners, I emphasise the " MissionPossibleCyber " Mission which - as I see it - has the backing of GCHQ,NCSC and IASME. Th