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The evolution of the ability that consumers now have to search, browse, purchase, review and connect at the touch of a button has created a revolvi
It’s a brand new year which can only mean one thing… it’s time to learn some new skills! 
"HR should have a seat at the top table. Right? But what does HR need to do to get there?
Why do today’s eCommerce apps need to be extremely fast and efficient?
The world economic forums 2020 future of jobs reports that were released last year states that...
In the second part of this series around ‘Leading into the Future in partnership with P
London, UK – December 15, 2021 – SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announces that the UK’s third largest
Preview from the upcoming 2022 e-book, The Universal Workforce Model: An Outcome-First Guide to Getting Work D
Within part 1 of this discussion around ‘The Great Resignation’,  Fiorel
Gathering, understanding, and using customer data is back on the priority list for brands.
We welcome another insightful leader to this fascinating series around ‘Leading into the Future,
Research shows we are conditioned to think negatively 70% of the time – largely in ways that express our fears; something we don’t want or are acti
Workers are returning to work, but not necessarily going back to the office.
Our partner getAbstract, has released a whitepaper on their customer success story -
Walking into 2022, I still hear our industry doubling down on itself, and wondering when the seat at the table will be offered, still debating whet
Before we delve into the concept of employee concierge onboarding…
Modernizing the contact centre is critical for credit unions to capitalize on the greatest generational transf
An employer’s guide to the history-making standard, how it can help drive cultural change, and why it’s sparki
A bit of pressure in your work life can create excitement, challenges, and help push yourself further performance-wise.
Within part 2 of this series with Ian Hardie (Founder at
Many don’t recognise that stress is an important factor in workplace performance, health, motivation and engagement.
In today’s business environment, investors, top talent, and potential partners are paying particular attention to a company’s valu
Time to move away from bottom-up dynamics: The Board should decide on priorities and drive the discussion
The BTN was recently delighted to partner with Snyk, a developer security platform for securing code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure
Against a backdrop of ongoing uncertainty, the pandemic has accelerated the push towards remote working situations across almost every business.
As we continue this fascinating series in partnership with PeopleSmart, around Lead
Within part 2 of this series in partnership with PeopleSmart, Jerry Pico (Co-Lead, Global Cult
What is the most efficient and effective way to get work done?
As we continue this fascinating series in partnership with PeopleSmart around Leading into the future, we welcome
The BTN was recently delighted to partner again with a1qa for a VIP round table for executive technology leaders who are championing the use of tes
CISOs being asked those questions should look beyond the topic itself and face the underlying issues it might
Recruitment is at the forefront of everyone’s minds again.
Security culture and governance eat tech for breakfast