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Many years ago, as a young brewery sales manager, I was talking to the new transport manager who'd recently taken over from someone who’d “been the
In this exclusive video, Jo Biggin (Transformation Business Change Lead at Vodafone Business) discusses the combination of business change and agil
We have been discussing innovations in the HR Tech space.
In this exclusive video, David Beckham (Senior Business Analyst at Aviva) discusses the power of harnessing teams in the lead up to his talk at
Many CIOs and CISOs would have come across this situation after an incident, a serious near-miss or a bad audit report: Suddenly, money and resourc
In this exclusive video, Jason Bloomberg (President of Intellyx) discusses digital transformation for the future in the lead up to his talk at
Most organisational changes fail due to people blocking the change implementation, but change is sustainable and achievable if it is supported by t
In this exclusive video, Chris Potts (Practitioner, Mentor, Trainer and Author) discusses change management in the lead up to his talk at
The employees roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders and mutter about how nothing ever comes of this fruitless exercise.
Jyoti Sharma (Digital Transformation Leader, Driving Innovation at EY) and James Coughlan (Interim Management at JC Digital Executive Ltd) spoke at
Before we start as always let me give you a few definitions of "Digital Transformation":
Connections are a common point of failure in organizations.
The right strategy will make your fortune just as the wrong strategy will inevitably kill your business, whatever it is, stone dead.
There’s a good deal of commentary and discussion about the impostor phenomenon appearing in social media and the popular press recently. However, t
We all seem to be so busy these days, what with digitization (including digital tax reporting); coping with the current economic situation; whilst
A painfully recurrent complaint among Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) is the disconnect between what they were promised during the recru
The term “digital transformation” can span many definitions and encompass many different functions and disciplines.
How do you build a minimum viable product (MVP).
Given that AI and machine learning are permeating through all facets of an organisation, it is only natural to expect that Culture Building would b
Thom Staight (Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Microsoft) spoke at our Excellence in Leadership (EiL) conference in October 2018 on "Transf
Transformation programmes are frequently reported as failing and changes being rejected, but is there a way to ensure that your transformation prog
For a while now, I have been helping companies to transition into an automated world where our human intellect is driven up the ladder by freeing u
The sleek and smart setting at the Haymarket Hotel was the perfect compliment to a night of thought leadership and industry defining conv
Ryan den Rooijen (Global Director of Data Services at Dyson) spoke at our Excellence in Leadership conference in October 2018 on "Leadership in the
A friend once told me that he respects all religions, as long as people “really commit to whatever that religion is by attending some house of wors
I spend most of my days with large digital focused organisations.
Can stress ever FEEL like a positive?  Stress impacts the body negatively, but are there times when it can be perceived as a positive? 
There is a huge battle for talent in the workplace today.
Business leaders are always on the lookout for ways to increase productivity and profits by employing not just the best people, but also the best s
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin have become more than just buzzwords, they're now part of modern business.
To give 2018 a proper sendoff, we’ve collected seven of the year’s most impactful pieces of thought leadership, which equip you with insight, infor
Leaders succeed through ambition, a sense of urgency, an action orientation, observable deliverables and measurable results. We hear this so often
In this exclusive highlight video following our partner, The Change Management Institute's event "New Habits That Last: Organisational and Personal
Kim Wylie (Global Director of People Development at Farfetch) spoke at our Excellence in Leadership (EiL) conference in October 2018 on "Leading Th
Professor Dave Ulrich recently produced a video on the Future of HR (Outside/In) which emphasised the need for HR Strategy and Processes to be aime
Digital disruption has overhauled the rules of employee engagement amongst many other aspects in the employee and talent space.