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You’re about to embark on a change programme, you’ve spent weeks or months planning the changes behind the scenes and you’ve announced the changes
In this exclusive video for the BTN, Dan Hauck, VP of Product & User Experience at NetDocuments, discusses the impact of technology o
Workplace Wellness programs are all the rage these days – and rightly so.
In this exclusive video for The BTN, Nick Kemp discusses how change and transformation can be difficult for organisations to implement successfully
Design thinking has become a familiar concept in the business world with more and more companies adopting this approach to improve innovation and d
Much has been written about current middle management roles becoming increasingly irrelevant,ANZ's Digital Chief Maile Carnegie a
Data and culture have a significant part to play in the successful transformation of businesses.
We are far better at planning for the short-term than we are for the long-term.
The BTN's partnership with Temple Brown Consulting brings you a CIO Panel discussion hosted by Martin Veitch, with Ojas Rege and David Ivell in a c
The Retail Banking industry is under immense pressure.
Bill Burton from Dale Carnegie discusses how to overcome resistance to change within the organisation.
Over the last few months' we’ve seen the likes of retailers such as NEXT and Tesco scale back their growing empires.  Where they had started to sel
At a function level, what Procurement does (buying goods or services from external sources) hasn’t changed much and will not.
In part 3 of the series, Paul Matthews discusses informal learning, which describes any learning that is not scheduled, planned or mandated.
All too frequently we think of projects in terms of schedules, requirements, budgets, resources and the like.
The first challenges are cutting through the noise and getting to the heart of the matter.
In this exclusive video, Alvin Tedjamulia looks at the importance of having an interconnected organisation to improve an organisations ability to t
I had a client once with a member on his senior team who was known for his destructive and upsetting behaviour.
Our technology and devices are becoming increasingly interconnected, creating the Internet of Things (IoT), but our interaction is no longer device
The BTN's partnership with AI&Robotics Events' brings you David D'Souza (Head of London and of Engagement, CIPD), on the human ethics and busin
Chris Forbes: My partner Julie Chen, had identified that finding a green product that helped the environment would be important to
In an era where HR is frantically struggling for a seat on the bandwagon of data-savvy, data-driven business functions.
This week, the Business Transformation Network brings you a selection of current topics from the world of Technology, from AI to Digital
What is Design Thinking? One of the challenges with introducing the concept of design thinking is that this concept does not have
The investment in recent years by large organisations, including the Big Four, has resulted in advanced technology that is changing many aspects of
Once upon a time, ATS systems stored millions of stale resumes of any candidate that happened to cross its path.
This week, the Business Transformation Network brings you a selection of current topics from the world of People, from Employee Engagemen
In part 2 of the series, Paul Matthews discusses the role of performance consultancy within learning and development.
Richard Morecroft discusses his top 4 tips for digital transformation.
Growing up we are taught (and throughout life we observe) what is frequently referred to as the Golden Rule.
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
This week, the Business Transformation Network brings you a selection of current topics from the world of Process, from agile transformat
Alina Maraghelis from Dale Carnegie discusses the concept behind purchasing decisions, by uncovering the client needs.
People, Process and Technology are three pillars of change management. In this blog, I am going to look at the process side of change management.
We conducted a Q&A interview with Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE, Founder of 'The Power
In 2012, the renowned management guru and business book author Steve Denning wrote an article entitled “
Digital Transformation is everywhere and can become a bit of a minefield of jargon and terminology, from AI to Analytics, and IoT to Ransomware, te
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A FTSE 250 company we worked with, was passionate about developing a culture of continuous improvement.