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Imagine a robot that can play and execute player actions the way people do.
In this video, Clive Curtis talks us through creating an excellent customer experience and its importance in overall business success.
Michael Smart is a senior User Experience (UX) designer.
Dr Ian McDonald is a seasoned IT professional with a wealth of experience in numerous organisations such as Datacom, Symbian, News UK and most rece
In this latest video, Jon Allen, SAP Programme Manager with global experience in the Oil and Gas industry discusses the framework required to estab
Tariq Rashid, here speaking in a personal capacity, is focused on reforming and modernising how complex organisations create services that meet peo
In Part 2 of 'The Future of Resourcing', Simon Hallett (Former Head of Talent Acquisition at Lloyds) discusses Developing a Group Resourcing Strate
Jonathan Courtney is a senior User Experience Designer (UX) and co-founder of AJ&Smart, an interactive media agency based in Berlin. 
HR Lessons Jean Tirole
Jean Tirole won the Nobel Prize of Economy 2014 “for his analysis of market power and regulation”.
Re-inventing Through Digital
I’ve been lucky enough to spend most of my career helping businesses succeed through digital, running my own business during the dot com boom/bust
John Jebb is a seasoned talent management professional with a passion for putting talent at the heart of organisational improvement and innovation.
If 2020 was the year of agility and pivoting, 2021 should be the year of driving performance.
Business Innovation with New Technology
A big thank you to Russ Miles who hosted our most recent TTN event, 'Business Innovation in Conjunction with New Technologies'.
Mike Williams, Director of People and Development at Devere Hotels and Village Urban Resorts 
Steve Dark is a seasoned IT professional with a wealth of experience in the industry including work at Vega Solutions, Secure Digital Marketing Sys
I don’t like putting people in categories............Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers, Superstars, Top Talent, Solid Group etc. etc.
By Gemma Reucroft FCIPD, HR Director at Tunstall Group Blog: www.hrgemblog.com
Simon Brown has over 25 years international experience in HR Management working in the change management, talent acquisition and talent management
The world is full of the buzz around big data. It is hard to miss it and miss the huge promises being made around the potential.
The world is full of the buzz around big data. It is hard to miss it and miss the huge promises being made around the potential.
Humberto Zorzano is a reward professional with a wealth of experience in systems implementation and process and policy development.
This is the first episode in the second series of 'The Future of Resourcing'.
Russ Miles is an IT professional with a wealth of experience behind him. He is the founder of Simplicity Itself as well as Open Credo. 
Firstly a big thank you to everyone who attended our BTN event on Tuesday 11th March at the Soho Hotel.
Paul Jackson has over 13 years experience designing and managing digital products.
Francesco Picconi is an International HR Director with a passion for HR Transformation, world-class HR Functions and HR processes, as well as Inter
Vladimir Cordier is a project management professional, who specializes in delivering and rescuing IT, Outsourcing, Operations and Business Change p
Herr Dr. Johann Lex ist HR-Manager der aus dem Bereich Weiterbildung und Technologiemanagement kommt.
Dr. Johann Lex, Head of HR Programmes and Change at Telefónica Germany
Thank you to all those who attended our most recent BTN event, hosted by Annapurna recruitment and Alan More, an independent strategy, transformati
On Wednesday 20th November Annapurna held a VIP Resourcing Event to book end our Future of Resourcing Series at the Andaz Studio on Liverpool Stree
Jim Hanmer is a seasoned professional working for Microsoft for many years.
Sajiv Parkash is a seasoned HRIS professional with experience across a great number of sectors.
Thank you to everyone that attended our latest specialist HRTN Reward event, chaired by Jeff Bakes, Reward Director at PwC.
Paul Maxin, Former Global Head of Resourcing at Unilever in the Finale of the Future of Resourcing Series
Louise Bunting, Director at JLIT, is a seasoned IT professional with a wealth of experience across high profile organisations, such as Tokyo-Mitsub
I'm sure you have heard of the saying 'If you carry on doing what you are doing, you will keep on getting what you are getting'.