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Three misconceptions and one key tip.
In this exclusive video for The BTN, Mark Weber (Founder of Atticmedia and Grazer Learning) discusses digital learning and where it is heading, con
In this exclusive video as part of The BTN's partnership with People Analytics World, Devyani Vaishampayan (Founder & Director at The HR Tech P
As the lyric of the chart-topping Spice Girls hit reminds us, it’s good to focus on what you want but how often in life have you experienced a slig
Deloitte has recently published a report on: ‘
In this exclusive video for the BTN, Michael Fekete discusses change management and people, and how the combination of the two can result in a sust
There’s an ever-increasing trend nowadays to put focus on the ultimate ‘buzzword’ – DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.
Colin Minto discusses the importance of people within an organisation and how creating the right environment can relieve stress and have positive i
Samuel Lessore from Dale Carnegie discusses how to create sustainable performance within an organisation.
In this exclusive video for The BTN, Chris Micklethwaite (Founder at 3PointsDIGITAL) discusses the three mains success factors for how to approach
“…in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
88% organisations are undergoing digital transformation BUT just 25% understand what it really means.
In today’s competitive work environment, the one thing that makes you stand out as a company is your people.
One of the things I am enjoying so much about Ray Dalio’s book 
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Colin Minto discusses stress within the workplace, considering what stress is and how it can affect people.
This is really the time-horizon over which the new CISO must start assessing their new position.
Recently I shared my six principles of delivering ch
In this exclusive video as part of The BTN's partnership with People Analytics World,
Last month, you learned about the award-winning change management pro
I attended the most recent DisruptHR event in London, which always has the most amazing speakers, and was encouraged to hear the talk by Antony Slo
Engaging employees is one of the most critical components of building successful businesses, yet how to achieve it remains elusive.
In this exclusive video for the BTN, Richard Morecroft (Managing Partner at Digital Work Group) discusses how digital transformation relates direct
What if we’ve got it all wrong?  What if in fact it’s not HR that needs to be disrupted, but leadership?
bringing wellbeing to the agenda
Recently we did a straw poll of delegates at the CIPD conference and the results showed that Wellbeing was the number one priority going forward fo
Many of the management tips we will be building up in this series
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Chris discusses the common skills and themes for building digital transformation capabilities.
As a follow-up from my last article - where I shared thoughts on one of the key differentiators for the businesses of tomorrow being the ability fo
In business and particularly in HR we talk about ‘fit’.  The right fit for the role, team fit, cultural fit, it’s all about fit and often as people
We conducted a Q&A interview with Bernard Marr, best-selling author and Analytics, KPI and Big Data Guru, in the build-up to his talk at the Pe
We conducted a Q&A interview with David Green, Global Director of People Analytics Solutions at IBM, in the build-up to his talk at the People
Richard Morecroft discusses what the term ‘digital’ means and how it encapsulates everything from the evolution of technology to the behavioural ch
When the world began tinkering with artificial intelligence and machine learning, they were hardly a threat.
Being agile and adaptive in today's age of ecosystems and accelerated change has seen a shift in what transformations of legacy organisations look