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As technology has advanced, we’ve used it to isolate ourselves more and more.  
Toxic leaders cannot exist alone. They need an environment in which they can flourish and followers who don’t challenge them.
In many of the places that I have worked, both as a consultant and as a part of a product delivery team, it is usually a case of keeping the Enterp
I’m currently giving some thought to the team culture I’m going to need in my latest project.
It’s that time of year when we reflect on the last 12 months and turn our attention to changing for the better in 2019.
Rajat Dhawan (Senior Executive of Technology at Contiki) spoke at our Excellence in Leadership (EiL) conference in October 2018 on "Utilising Analy
In part 4 of this exclusive video series, Hedda Bird summarises the previous video, into her top tips for performance management.
Although it seems to vary depending on industry sectors, it is supported by vast amounts of anecdotal evidence and it matches our field experience
When in October 2017 the #MeToo movement grabbed all major headlines, many wondered if 2018 was going to be the ‘Year of the Woman’.
Beyond the obvious reasons why alignment is sensible, for me alignment was critical in order to promote speed.
Since the 2008 global financial crisis, banks have been fined over $300 billion for regulatory misconduct that includes extensive mishandling of cu
I was reminded yesterday that in 2020, the World Wide Web will be 30 years old. That’s all. Only 30.
Lean Startup and Design Thinking are two complementary principles that can be used in the process of creating and building new businesses, products
As discussed earlier, digital disruption affects all aspects  of the the Employee and Talent agenda .
They are more than human resources. They are human beings who happen to be employees.
In this exclusive video in partnership with Merit Summit, Pascale Goy (Head of Learning and Development at CERN) looks at the success of CERN’s car
Recently, I have undertaken a number of roles as an Agile Engagement Lead, working with large corporates as they began the journey of migrating the
In this exclusive video, Suzie Lewis (Managing Director of Transform for Value) discusses putting the human back into digital through management.
Megan Caywood (Chief Platform Officer at Starling Bank) spoke at our Excellence in Leadership (EiL) conference in October 2018 on "The Banking Revo
In part 3 of this exclusive video series, Hedda Bird discusses performance management, looking at the role of managers in managing your performance
Have you ever had a boss who rejected your idea?  What can you do about it? Pretty much nothing.
In this exclusive video, Andrea Giardini (Engineering Manager at Camunda) discusses the issues faced when going through changes, focusing on the im
We have been talking about the impact of disruption on the Employee and Talent agenda. Today, everyone is used to being treated as a ‘Customer’ and
In order to organise my own ideas, I realised it would be helpful to have a clear vision for what I wanted to achieve, together with measurable out
The subject I’ve learned most about in the last couple of years has centred on dealing with suppliers. I cut my IT-teeth in the Nasty 90s world of
I read an alarming statistic. 1 in 13 of
With the world changing as quickly as it is not having time to change is no longer a viable option.
2018 has been a great year for The BTN...
I’ve had the privilege of watching and working with many senior leadership teams over the years.
The GDPR is not just about Security, but it has been dominating the life of many CISOs since last year.
With hotel chains now partnering with Amazon to offer a “personal concierge” by providing Echo devices in some selected hotel rooms, and travellers
I did an exercise recently with a group, and I felt like Sam I Am from the Dr.
In this exclusive video for the BTN, Richard Morecroft (Managing Partner at Digital Work Group) discusses his top tips for digital transformation,
Digital innovation is no longer a buzzword; the world of AI and emerging technologies (bots, robotics, augmented reality, blockchain etc) is changi
In this video, Rio discusses the cultural change organisations are experiencing especially with the increasing influence of technology.
In part 2 of this series, Hedda Bird looks at the importance of senior leadership teams acknowledging performance management to improve customer ex
Talent Metrics are all the rage these days.