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There is a common fear amongst employees in service industries like food & beverage that the increased effort for automation through machines w
In her pioneering work in 1999, Amy Edmondson identified the concept of Psychological Safety - a shared belief that the team is safe for interperso
There is no doubt education is next in line, in particular, higher education and professional development.
In this exclusive video in partnership with Agile Business Conference, Dr Martin Davis (Transfor
How do you make the most risk-averse decisions for your technology investments when your day-to-day duties mean your knowledge, time and resources
Traditional metrics prove that you were right.  But how do you know when you’re wrong?
In part 2 of this exclusive video series with Jonathan Krogdahl, in partnership with Sevenstep, looking at what it means for Talent Acquisition to
In part 1 of this exclusive video series, Erkan Kasap (Interim Head of Engineering at Ottonova & Founder at thecoachpunk) discusses how larger
My experience pitching disruptive ideas to multinational organisations started long before I became a producer of enterprise software looking to co
Mobile learning is the key to effective learning and development today.
The demands of the new digital landscape aka Recruitment 4.0, unearthed a new series of challenges that HR professionals must overcome.
In part 1 of this exclusive video series, following on a successful BTN event in Munich on topic 'Hiring Excellence in Technology Talent', Jasenko
Sevenstep is always so pleased to be recognized along with other great providers and leaders within the industry.
After years of research on organizational transformation by McKinsey, the results from their Global Survey in 2015 indicated that few executives sa
How many times do we see: “People don’t leave companies’ they leave bad bosses” as a ‘heading’ on LinkedIn articles? In my opinion people leave org
Rafael Fernandez (Senior Manager at OrgVue) is speaking on a panel "Org Planning and Analysis in Disruptive Times" at 11:15 am on Tuesday 19th Nove
Samantha Rope (Group HRD at Wilson James Group) is speaking on a panel "Transformation: Bridging the Gap Between Human and Digital" at 2:30 pm on M
Kim Wylie (Global Director of People Development at Farfetch) is speaking on a panel "Building a Digital Mindset/Culture" at 9 am on Tuesday 19th N
Suzie Lewis (MD at Transform for Value) is speaking on a panel "Transformation: Bridging the gap between human and digital" at 2:30 pm on Monday 18
Thomas Davies (Founder & CEO at Temporall) is speaking on "The Role of the People and Culture in Transforming Organisations" at 2:30 pm on Mond
Andrew Fox (MD of Rhino Consulting) is speaking on "Evil Walks: Conscious Capitalism" at 11:45 am on Monday 18th November at Excellence in Leadersh
Lindsey Noakes (Co-Founder at Gather) is a member of our panel on "No Stopping the Start-Up: Using Technology for Good" at 9:45 am on Monday 18th N
David Kavanagh (CTO at Chip Financial Ltd and Founding CTO at Purplebricks) is speaking on "Transparency, Automation, AI & Aggregation" at 10:1
I wrote recently about handbooks and keeping them short and simple and this week it's job descriptions as some of our HR audits are uncovering some
Nick Ulycz (COO at Domestic & General) is speaking about "Can Purpose Solve the Productivity Puzzle" at 9:45 am on Tuesday 19th November at Exc
We need to get the UK’s 5.8 Million SMB’s Cyber Secure and Fast – They are already suffering from Brexit – losing money to crooks is a bridge too f
Maria Jacobsson (Head of PLM Devops at Ericsson) is speaking on a panel about "Transparency, Automation, AI & Aggregation" at 10:15am on Tuesda
As soon as I arrived at the conference venue, I was welcomed by a lady in charge of VIP and speakers.
Nicole Reading (Global Internal Communications Director) is speaking on "Is Technology the New Employee Engagement?" at 9:45am on Tuesday 19th Nove
In part 2 of this exclusive video series in partnership with the fast-approaching Merit regional summit, speaker Jeremie Brecheisen (Senior
Ian Jones (Director of Business Transformation at Royal Mail) is speaking on "Is It Inevitable that Transformation Programmes Lose Momentum?" at 10
I often hear people use the terms “listening strategy” and “employee engagement strategy” interchangeably. 
Jon Warwick (Group Head of Recruitment at Sainsbury's) is speaking on "Owning Diversity...when being an inclusive employer isn’t enough" at 3:45pm
Emer Wynne (Executive Director at The Emergent Organisation Ltd) is speaking on a panel on "Is it Inevitable that Transformation Programmes Lose Mo
Will Cook (CEO at The Parkinson's Trust) is speaking on "Repurposing Yourself, Your Team, Your Business & Drugs" at 3:15 pm on Monday 18th Nove
James Thornett (VP, Product Development at Ascential) is speaking on "Building a World-class Digital Team in your Company" at 9:45 am on Monday 18t
In a recent 2019 McKinsey & Company (October 2019) report on Woman in the workplace, it seems clear that some progress is being made but that o
In part 1 of this exclusive video series in partnership with the fast-approaching Merit regional summit, speaker Jeremie Brecheisen (Senior
Bob Cotton (Former Chief Executive of BHA) is speaking on "Communicating with a diverse, deskless workforce" at 1:45pm on Monday 18th November at E
Daniel Goldstein (Group CEO at Elements Talent Consultancy) is speaking on "The Future of Talent Acquisition" at 11:15 am on Tuesday 19th November