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Have you ever had a boss who rejected your idea?  What can you do about it? Pretty much nothing.
In this exclusive video, Andrea Giardini (Engineering Manager at Camunda) discusses the issues faced when going through changes, focusing on the im
We have been talking about the impact of disruption on the Employee and Talent agenda. Today, everyone is used to being treated as a ‘Customer’ and
In order to organise my own ideas, I realised it would be helpful to have a clear vision for what I wanted to achieve, together with measurable out
The subject I’ve learned most about in the last couple of years has centred on dealing with suppliers. I cut my IT-teeth in the Nasty 90s world of
I read an alarming statistic. 1 in 13 of
With the world changing as quickly as it is not having time to change is no longer a viable option.
2018 has been a great year for The BTN...
I’ve had the privilege of watching and working with many senior leadership teams over the years.
The GDPR is not just about Security, but it has been dominating the life of many CISOs since last year.
With hotel chains now partnering with Amazon to offer a “personal concierge” by providing Echo devices in some selected hotel rooms, and travellers
I did an exercise recently with a group, and I felt like Sam I Am from the Dr.
In this exclusive video for the BTN, Richard Morecroft (Managing Partner at Digital Work Group) discusses his top tips for digital transformation,
Digital innovation is no longer a buzzword; the world of AI and emerging technologies (bots, robotics, augmented reality, blockchain etc) is changi
In this video, Rio discusses the cultural change organisations are experiencing especially with the increasing influence of technology.
In part 2 of this series, Hedda Bird looks at the importance of senior leadership teams acknowledging performance management to improve customer ex
Talent Metrics are all the rage these days.
It’s a question that has been doing the rounds for what seems like forever.
As unemployment remains at record lows, Cielo’s new 
In this exclusive video, in partnership with Merit Summit, Jeff Turner looks at team development and how learning and development have progressed f
When I started working in change over 20 years ago it was all about waterfall projects and silos. Landing as a Management Consulting graduate, work
A panel from The Agile Business Conference by the Agile Business Consortium with 
Cybersecurity is rising as a key issue on the radar of virtually all organisations.
Books, eyelids, convenience stores and even web browsers all have one thing in common... For them to function effectively they need to be open.
In this exclusive video, Suzie Lewis (Managing Director of Transform for Value) discusses what digital should be defined as within an organisation,
In part 2 of this video with Paul Rose, Paul looks at how HCM frameworks have had to adapt contingent workforces and how these systems have had to
The BTN's partnership with AI&Robotics Events' brings you Rob McCargow (Artificial Intelligence Program Leader at PwC), on the potential that A
The BTN's partnership with AI&Robotics Events' brings you Andrew Burgess (Author and Strategic Advisor on AI and RPA), on how AI will change yo
Employees that are engaged with their work are more productive. 
Imagine a world that is all fun and no work, a world where instead of walking into work every morning, you walk into a game.
In 2017 I had the exciting opportunity to introduce business agility at 
A panel from The Agile Business Conference by the Agile Business Consortium facilitated by Philip Alexander (Non-Executive Directo
For the last few weeks, I’ve been vigorously wrestling with the changing nature of IT and the role of the CIO.
In part 2 of this exclusive video series, in partnership with Merit Summit, Catalina Schveninger looks at the future of work and the changes the di
Recently, The Business Transformation Network hosted an event on “HR TechOps - Bridging the Ga
I was on a call last week where folks were complaining that Agile is “nothing new”, “it’s the same stuff we’ve been talking about for years.”  Is A
In this exclusive video for the BTN, Richard Morecroft (Managing Partner at Digital Work Group) discusses how you can actually achieve the balance
Innovative and, some would say, radical organisation design methods like