What does the future hold for digital learning? by Mark Weber

What does the future hold for digital learning? by Mark Weber

In this exclusive video for The BTN, Mark Weber (Founder of Atticmedia and Grazer Learning) discusses digital learning and where it is heading, considering how digital learning focuses more on the technology than the learners, which needs to change.

Mark progress through the history of digital, highlighting the pivotal years for change in digital and our changing relationship with digital over time whilst also looking at how learning approaches have adapted to fit with the digital landscape. He continues to look at how the value of learning has changed and what the future of learning holds.


Mark founded Atticmedia in 1996, building it up to become one of the UK’s top 100 digital agencies. Under Mark’s leadership Atticmedia rapidly specialised in digital learning and became well know for innovative and cutting edge digital learning solutions, with clients as varied as PwC, BBC and DfE. 

Mark was heavily involved in BBC Janala, a mobile language learning service that reached over 25m learners in Bangladesh. Atticmedia has now been running for 21 years, and a few years ago Mark stepped aside to pursue additional interests. After a couple of years as interim digital director at Save the Children, Mark raised seed funding for Grazer Learning, a radical new social learning platform.